Bulgarian people are known worldwide for their food, customs and traditions. Some of the old customs are deeply embedded in the Bulgarian national culture to this day. Since ancient times most families have been following the principles of centuries-old traditions. Rites have been always extremely important. It was believed following them and the deep cultural self-awareness, will ensure the family well-being, health and abundance.

The tradition of producing a wide range of foods has been a major part of the traditional priorities of the population, especially preparing for the winter period, when the prepared in advance delicacies provided the main food supplies for the cold months.

Customs of ancient times

The traditions and customs of the old Bulgarians are deeply rooted and present in the everyday life and culture. They have influenced the living style, the character and behaviour of the population. Their impact is not only on the Bulgarian food, but also on the attitudes towards life and common values. Their connection to the earth and its cultivation is profoundly deep, as its fruits have been crucial to the ancestors´ day-to-day.

The lifestyle of the ancient has been defined by the activities of earning a living. Daily rituals often show us how food was under the direct influence also of the atmospheric conditions. Rituals unmistakably reflect the cosmic view and rituals of the old Bulgarians. They show how sometimes simple things in everyday life filled with meaning the life of ancient people, that was not so varied as today.

Many products are of typical Bulgarian origin, loved by young and old, whose production recipes have barely changed over the years, which allows us to get in touch today with the foundations of the master art of preservation.

One of these cherished and invariably present products at the Bulgarian table is the tomato sauce “Lutenica”, which can vary depending on the region in which it is prepared. It is basically a one-size-fits-all product that preserves its taste qualities up to our present day.

The direct relationship between weather and crop

The days of intense field work have been crowned with the high production of the main Bulgarian products, used to enrich the winter menu. Tomatoes and peppers are the main ingredients of the Bulgarian Lutenitsa. A product that does not have an analog outside of our country, and depending on its variations, can be used in many ways.

As a garnish, an important ingredient in a dish or simply in a sandwich, the choice is yours, but one thing is certain: it is always delicious. With more or less eggplant, garlic flavor or a spicy touch, these variations depend not only on the customs of the region in which it is produced, but also on the exquisite taste preferences.

The insight of elderly people and their crafty ideas help us savour today a touch of the magic of ancient customs and symbols. And if not through food tradition, how else could we get closer to our ancestors’ way of life and preserve all valuable tradition ?

Important conditions

A basic rule in preserving vegetables is to use only ripe and high quality vegetables. The strict fulfillment of these conditions guarantees a delicious and a healthy final product.

A labor intensive undertaking

For many homeowners, closing jars is a labor intensive  and unnecessary job,

from the years of empty shelves in the national grocery shops, when the only chance to put something on the table was preparing it in advance. There are also the supporters of the healthy cooking lifestyle, who prefer to prepare at home as many products as possible. Regardless of the group you belong to, the companies in the industry of high quality products following old traditional recipes can satisfy each and every desire. You do not have to waste days at the cooking stove, nor live any disappointment of a complex recipe failure.

Fortunately, today we are benefiting from the abundance and diversity of products at your fingertips. Thus we can feel the old Bulgarian spirit and it is no coincidence that all Bulgarians who, for one reason or another live in other countries, love these traditional products with which they have grown up.

Nowadays there is no need to grow, prepare and preserve products, we just have to discover the brands who follow to this day the old grandmother recipes, embodying the spirit and tradition of Bulgarian most delicious dishes.


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