Travel Companion Apps: What You Need to Know

Travel Companion Apps

As we move forward in a post-pandemic world, everyone is ready to pack their suitcases once again and head out for a vacation. During COVID-19, with uncertainty all around us, everyone had to compromise and improvise on the way with whatever obstacle they faced. The healthcare industry was fragile and thousands of telemedicine apps were developed throughout the pandemic to help recover the industry. The same goes for traveling.

The ecosystem for app development in New York City and elsewhere has become more research-oriented. If you are looking to break into a new ecosystem and build a digital product, it is important to research and reflect on what kind of strategies your particular business would need to make. We suggest you read through the article and see what the most popular travel companion apps look like – how they are designed and built for a particular audience.

There is a lot that goes into the software development company in chicago process, which might seem overwhelming. Still, once you research well and know what kind of directions to take, everything streamlines accordingly. Let’s start. 

Top Travel Companion Apps


The traveling forum has been around since 2000 and, with the boom of the internet, has gone through multiple transformations in the past two decades. TripAdvisor is the go-to place for someone who is about to go travel and would like to get a clear outline underway for their journey. Once you visit TripAdvisor, there is instant access to potential restaurants, vacation rentals, things to do, hotels, and stories from people who actively contribute to the forum.

TripAdvisor is well-designed in terms of UX/UI experience and is navigational for all kinds of users. It will not take long to figure out how the app works and it is easy to get your desired answer. TripAdvisor is known for being community driven. A platform that is built for everyone to contribute and share their own unique experiences – eventually helping travelers navigate in a better way.

And TripAdvisor is credited as the world’s most popular travel app considering the number of downloads and how innovative it has been over the years. The app can be used offline, includes essential features, syncs well with other accounts, and much more. 


Airbnb is a marketplace like any other except it is a dedicated space where people can rent out their personal property and travelers can find a place to crash for a while, likewise. Similar to other on-demand apps, Airbnb is designed to help two different sets of users navigate through, the guest and the host.

In terms of revenue, Airbnb managed to cross over $48.9 billion in revenue and is projected to succeed even further in the upcoming decade. There are 12.1 million properties being shown on the app right now and booking rates are continuing to increase as people start to travel once again.

The once-known startup was launched in 2008 and has expanded to 34,000 cities across more than 200 countries since then. It is the ideal app for travelers constantly on the go. If you are looking for inspiration, here are a few highlighted features that Airbnb embraces:

  • Invite friends by sending a link
  • Bookmark your desired properties
  • Smart search (find accommodations)
  • Navigational dashboard

And a lot more is in store. From push notifications to in-app messaging, Airbnb has made sure that a comfortable UX/UI experience is in place for its users. Airbnb acknowledges the kind of role user research plays throughout the development process and how it can help further enhance the quality of the app. Any iphone app development company would be willing to help you out with a similar product.


Expedia is designed as an app that helps travelers plan their journeys in a more efficient manner. On one app –  you can find a place to stay, book flights, rent a car, and book customized packages. Expedia includes all kinds of deals for different kinds of travelers, depending on the kind of journey they would like to head toward.

And if you are looking for discounts or exclusive access, Expedia works perfectly. The app is built to provide budget-friendly options for a diverse audience. And the more people use the app, the loyalty rewards will keep building up. Exclusivity and providing budget-friendly options is what Expedia mainly focuses on. 

From a product perspective, there is a lot to learn from Expedia in terms of the way the app is designed. It thrives on including multiple functions and there are barely any lags or complaints from customers. Trust. Useful. Easy access. Expedia exceeds all expectations. Find inspiration and take your own step. A Flutter app development company or any other specific kind of agency will be willing to understand your requirements. is a platform where travelers can sign up and browse through a wide range of hotel categories. is designed to accommodate travelers in the best possible way. The goal is to enable a comfortable app experience where users can use different filters to choose their desired vacation spot. has evolved over the years and there are options to book flights, rent a car, book attraction spots, and much more for travelers. For the user, becomes their companion from the first day – there are options to book taxis straight from the airport.


Overall, there is a need for travel companion apps and while you research and try to figure out what your own audience would potentially like to take away from an app – keep a track of what the most popular apps look like and how they stand out from one another.

In a growing ecosystem, everything is evolving and there are updates far too often as well. You will notice that each app we mentioned has grown with ongoing trends and has embraced new features.

You do not have to necessarily fit into one model. Keep evolving with the times and stay ahead of the track. Make sure you know what you are getting into and how the tourism industry works. You will