Known for many state of the art skyscrapers, numerous entertainment facilities, a rich culture, and lots of gems to be explored, there are more than a dozen reasons to visit South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Its majestic palaces and temples – both old and modern – attract millions of tourists every year. It is the heart of culture, education, politics, and business, with plenty of sightseeing hotspots. Being among the cities with the fastest internet connection, you have all the reasons to save the memories on your social media pages in photos and videos. Nonetheless, Seoul is also a busy city that is frequented by tourists from around the globe. This means that traveling to, staying, and moving around Seoul can be a bit hectic if you don’t plan your trip well in advance.

But worry not because, in the pointers below, you’ll have some tips that you can use as your travel guide for a hassle-free visit to Seoul.

1. Learn Some Korean

Nothing is more important than being able to interact with the locals when visiting a foreign country or region. While you don’t have to learn the entire language, at least being able to say hi and utter some common words or phrases can go a long way. If you’re in the country for work or business, the folks at say that it’s important to learn some vocabulary and phrases that are used to tell time. With this, you’ll avoid being late for appointments or being left by the bus. It is also crucial to learn a bit about numbers in Korean, which can also help you when buying stuff, doing business, or conducting money transactions. These are just some of the reasons you should learn some Korean before you leave for your Seoul trip.

2. Enjoy the Culture

For you to enjoy your visit to South Korea, you have to enjoy the culture. They have a deep connection with their culture. You can drink Korean tea and don’t forget to take videos from when you step foot in the city. Also, remember to learn a bit of South Korean traditional clothing (Hanbok) and even take pictures in the attire if you can. After all, you’re in one of the best vacation destinations in Asia.

3. Carry Enough Money

Being a city known for its craze, be sure to have enough money to spend in Seoul. It would feel really bad if you visit the mall with all the nice affordable clothes you have always wished to wear and you don’t have enough to get it. This is not to forget the time you’ll spend at the amazing skyscrapers and experiencing the nightlife! Many shopping stores also accept credit cards so you don’t need to worry about having less money if you can use your card!

4. Do More Research and Do Things Like a Local

You’ll also want to do some research and learn to do things like a local. For instance, what are the most common means of transport? What are the locals’ favorite joints? How about dress codes? Do not forget to remove your shoes to areas they consider religious. Nothing can be more frustrating than being recognized as a foreigner in a new place. People even tend to take advantage of you. Also, Seoul is a fashionista city so make sure your fashion style is on top! Do not go asking for directions and where places are. Make use of Google maps to help you locate places, which will at least boost your confidence as you walk around. No pun intended, it is expected for you to yell at the restaurant, so kindly yell!

Korean Food is Spicy

5. Korean Food is Spicy

If you have stomach acidity or ulcers, you should know that Korean food tends to be spicy. Wimps have lower chances of having a proper meal in Seoul. This does not mean you cannot have a meal. Rather, it just means you have to be specific that your meal shouldn’t be spicy to avoid complications later on. They also throw in corn in almost all meals, so if you do not eat corn, let the person in charge know.

Koreans are also conservative in dressing, especially for the upper body. For ladies, you may as well want to avoid showing your cleavage, or all eyes will be on you. Additionally, remember to learn how to use chopsticks as they do not use forks there. Despite the hype and fun sometimes associated with Seoul, remember that you are not in your hometown. Behave, stay disciplined, and stay safe!

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