From identity thieves, to scammers, purse snatchers and sometimes kidnappers and dangerous criminals; these are the potential risks you have to deal with when travelling international or touring a different country and state. Learning how to stay safe when travelling is one way to ensure that you have at least a guaranteed level of safety and security once you reach your travel destination.

Here are some major safety tips you should employ on arrival to your travel destination.

Stay in a decent hotel room

Travel does not come cheap, which is why creating a budget is extremely necessary. While you may be tempted to pay for the cheapest hotels or Airbnb you should not. extreme budget travel can cost you your safety and more. Before traveling, you can find out how safe it is to travel to your desired destination, soo why not check before travelling and avoid future dangers? I’m not saying that the most expensive option is the safest, but your number one concern should safety when you are looking for and booking a hotel.

Preferably, you could choose to do pre-travel booking instead of booking a hotel room on arrival. Pre-travel booking allows you to skim through different reviews, websites and compare different prices for the best option.   By researching for hotels beforehand, you get to check out a variety of options and also get an idea of the budget, available amenities, services offered and more.

Wear all the right clothes

Wear all the right clothes

Dressing appropriately depending on the culture of the people belonging to your destination of travel comes with multiple benefits. Not only is it a respectful way to show cultural appreciation but also helps you blend with the people as well.

You don’t have to dress up like the locals entirely to fit into their culture and way of life. Keep it minimal and respectful by adding a little bit of flare with their local outfits to yours. This way, scammers and pick pocketers will not be able to tell you apart from a crowd and you also get to experience the culture and way of dressing by the local people.

Purchase a first aid kit

A first aid kit is one of those essential items many people see to leave behind or forget when packing for international travel. To many people, small burns and scraps don seem like a big deal but it only takes so much for it to be infected. Be on the lookout for small injuries especially on the foot because they are most susceptible to infections and contaminations that can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Remember, you do not know much about the country and you definitely don’t want to roam around in a foreign country in search of a first aid kit or pay extra money for a service you could have handled by yourself.

A basic first aid kit should contain a sterile gauze, antiseptic, band aids and regular pain killers. Consider adding throat lozenges and vitamin c in case you catch the common cold while travelling.

Inspect all transaction points

Inspect all transaction points

Financial tips and safety travel tips go hand in hand when it comes to travel safety. You can have multiple bank accounts in case of emergency, but if you do not take extra care then it won’t matter.  You need to be very careful when you make purchases using your credit card or bank card. Check fir tampering signs to make sure nothing has been added to the card.

Restaurants may seem like the safest places to use your cards, but in reality, some of them are not exempt from card scams. Always ensure that your card is swiped in your presence to avoid any potential issues.

Study the maps to keep your bearings in check

Thanks to modern tech, you don’t need a hard copy of the map to move around. The map application on your phone can come in handy when you are travelling. All you need to do is study the area and have an understanding of the layout.

In case you get lost and your phone dies, you can easily get your way back to your hotel room.  You can also use the map to walk to a nearby pizza place or local hotel for a meal when you need to.  The digital maps can also help you discover attractive tourist destinations in the areas; you can use this to plan out your activities of the day.

Hide some extra cash as backup in case of anything

Hide some extra cash as backup in case of anything

One of the major scams you face regardless of what part of the world you travel to is pick pocketing. It is easy to fall prey to thieves and pick pocketers especially If you are not aware of your surroundings.

Getting mugged is not a fun experience, especially when you are not even close to home. in some areas, the muggers will go as far as assault when demanding your valuables from you. in such cases, you should do all you can not to provoke the individual especially if they are carrying a potentially dangerous weapon with them. Thankfully, not many tourists will get hurt in such situations, all the mugger’s wat is to get your valuables and scramble without getting caught.

To combat this and prevent loss of valuable documentation as well as your finances, make sure you carry a decoy wallet with you when you are out and about. Add a little bit of cash inside to make it even more believable. Ensure you hide your real wallet in a well-hidden pocket to avoid any confusion.

Always remember that your health and safety are more valuable than your wallet; don’t resist a mugger or let it go overboard just to avoid confrontation and possible injury. To avoid such incidents, you should stay away from crowds. Pickpockets love to hand out in crowd because they are loud and distracting.

Finally, check in regularly with family and friends

check in regularly with family and friends

Travelling in a group provides you with a degree of safety you would not get as a solo traveller. As a group, it is much easier to navigate through the new areas and local people. You are basically safer in all aspects. Solo travellers need as much safety as people who travel in groups. If solo travel is your thing, make sure you check in regularly with your friends and family for their peace of mind and your sense of safety and security.

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