Travel the World on a Yacht: A Guide for New Sailors

Travel the World on a Yacht: A Guide for New Sailors

You probably remember the moment when everyone around suddenly began to rent cars on trips or drive far away on their own. A yacht trip can be a revelation and a unique adventure that you want to repeat, show your friends and family. At the same time, the cost of entering yachting is low, and the routes simply cannot turn into over touristic ones.

If you are interested in experiencing an unforgettable trip on a yacht, Ragnar provides exciting travelling experiences and cruise trips to satisfy a deep desire for adventure. We are confident that the next level of the “best ways to spend time with friends” will be chartering a yacht. Besides, according to Statista, chartering a yacht is already the most popular recreational activity.

Now, it seems an expensive and challenging activity, but we created a guide for new sailors to show that chartering a yacht is a breathtaking experience.

Route Planning

For the summer period, the Mediterranean waters are ideal. The yacht infrastructure is very developed as there are a huge number of marinas, a huge selection of yachts, good service, and almost all dangers in the sea are marked with navigation signs.

For the winter period, choose Seychelles, Caribbean islands, and Thailand. However, these regions have poorly developed yacht infrastructure, few equipped marinas, and not all dangers at sea are marked with navigation signs. Also, you may face problems with freshwater, so you need to consider when planning a route or rent a yacht with a water maker.


There are five seasons in yachting: low, medium, high, medium and low. Carefully study the water area, weather and climate of the season, local anomalies and local winds. Plan in advance the route, stops, and places you want to visit.

Yacht Price

The cost of the yacht also depends on the season. The difference in prices in low and high seasons differs by 1.5 – 2 times. You need to think about the yacht in advance. It is better to book yachts six months before the trip as there is a wide choice. Besides, you can save a lot as there are early booking discounts of up to 30%.

Prices for yachts of the same class in one season will be approximately the same. The price of a yacht depends on the type (monohull, catamaran, motor yacht), year of manufacture, size, technical and navigational equipment, comfort and, of course, the season. Wrecked yachts will be cheaper.

Another cost item is a deposit. The deposit is the amount of the security deposit (usually from 1000 euros and more), which you need to leave at the reception of the yacht, and which is returned after the end of the cruise at the delivery of the yacht if there was no damage.

Some charter companies offer damage waiver insurance, which consists of a refundable and non-refundable part. In this case, you do not need to leave a deposit.

If this service is not available and you need to make a deposit, then we recommend that you insure the deposit with an insurance company. And in case of losses, the insurance company will compensate for your costs.

Besides, you should pay attention to the additional costs. These services may already be included in the rental price, or they must be paid additionally on the spot.

Charter Company

When choosing a yacht, pay attention to the reputation of the charter company, the availability of its own fleet and service support. Yachts go on charter from Saturday to Saturday, from April to October (Mediterranean). In case of any breakdown or damage, the charter company is obliged to provide you with a replacement yacht of a similar or higher class.

Do not rent a yacht from private individuals. The price for it may be lower, but you will not have service support and replacement in case of damage to the yacht.

Type of a Yacht

There is an unspoken rule: monohull is for those who love wind and waves, catamaran and motor yacht are for calm and calm water in stable weather. It is easier to manage a monohull and a motor yacht. For the comfort of the team, guests, but not for the skipper, choose catamaran.

Mooring prices in marinas depend on the size of the yacht, the number of people on board and the season. The most expensive marinas will be for catamaran and luxury motor yachts.

A motor yacht will take a lot of fuel. To save fuel, use one main principle: the engine speed should be at least 1,800 and not more than 2,200 rpm.

All modern yachts are safe and comfortable to relax in. They are equipped with navigation devices, DSC radios and other safety equipment. In case of breakdowns, the charter company provides service support within 12-24 hours.

Check-in and Check-out

When accepting/returning a yacht, you must go through the check-in/check-out procedure. You need to know where the lifejackets and the raft are, how the fuel and water tanks switch, how to change the gas cylinders and where the spare ones are, how the navigation panel, generator, watermaker, refrigerator, lighting, etc. are turned on. Sometimes the switches are in unexpected places. Be sure to check if the outboard motor is working, unfold and fold the sails.

Check the electronics on the yacht without a cable connected to the electricity in the marina.

Any scratches found on the yacht must be noted on the checklist and photographed. Besides, you should ask for a diving book. Ask a team member to take a photo of the yacht, both outside and inside.

So, a sea trip on a yacht can be the most unforgettable and vivid experience in your life if you approach its organisation thoughtfully with full responsibility. And then nothing can prevent you from enjoying the magnificent sunrises and sunsets, swimming in the open sea, great fishing, new places and experiences!

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