Businesses logo has equal importance as the company name, as it reflects the company’s caliber and standards. Well, some logo designs remain active and trendy for a longer time, while some depleted or disappear. However, only a few businesses gain much attention without having an appealing appropriate logo. Fortunately, professional logo design service and graphic designers know how to tackle demands in a better way. Here are a few of the logo designs that may remain active probably this year and may be recommended by  popular graphic designing agencies.

Bright colors

Bright colors are hard to ignore! They attract the audience a lot, especially when combined and matched perfectly. Bright colors have been vibrant and popular for the last few years and are predicted to be remaining one of the most favorable choices this year as well. It is because bright colors express the creativity of businesses and also improves the emotions the logo is trying to show. Bright colors, when used in making elegant 3D shapes, take the logo to the next level.

Gradients in logos

Gradients have also been introduced in logo designing. Gradients are now being used widely by numerous companies. Instagram logo can be taken as an example.

Metallic logos

Why being simple when you can set the competition high? Logo designing has more variety now. Metallic logo design is expected to be in fashion this year and brands other than jewelry dealers may go for this approach. The metallic and shiny logo reflects the soberness and class of the company. It is ideal for those who want simple, less colored but decent logos. Professional graphic designers can suggest you what can be suitable logo design that matches with the company type.

Creative logotypes

Why just focus on the logo background when you can also play with words and fonts as well? There are so many creative ideas that you can implement in making types this year. Look or search for examples to have an idea of how good you can work on logotypes.  Graphic designing agency is capable enough to best represent your brand name.

Minimalist logo typography logos

Such types of logo can also be one of the top choices, as most of the businesses want the simple but impressive look. Minimalist logos look incredible both in small and big sizes. Minimalist can also be used with geometric logo designs to make them more classy and elegant. Similarly, minimalist types will also be popular in 2019. Minimalist typography is done by using one or two of the letters of the brand’s name.

Illustrations with letters

Illustrations are extremely essential to represent any work or business in a creative or innovative way. Illustrations can also be included in the brand name. One or more than one letters of the name can be replaced with cute images. Such tricks can influence a lot and help to gain a target audience.

Usage of artistic skills

Art has its own appealing beauty. Art has the quality of making even dry and tricky stuff a bit creative and recognizable. Artistic log designs are in full demand these days and can be in full demand in the future as well. Expert logo maker create artistic logos in such a way that the names are kept prominent and art is enhanced as well. Too much exaggeration and adding art effects fail to serve the real purpose.

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