When it comes to your home protection, windows and doors are believed to be an integral element. But, did you know they also play a crucial part in your home’s overall look and décor? Not only they add an aesthetic touch to the architecture, but also establishes individuality and personalization.

With so many design options available these days, it’s not very easy to find the right fit that perfectly matches with your home décor. Although, online shopping has made it incredibly easier to skim through different options, you would still need to do homework to know which specific door knobs and handles manufacturer would be perfect for your particular home design.

Below you will find some of the proven tips that will help you create a perfect blend between homes doors and windows:

Smart Tips to Create a Perfect Blend Between Homes and Windows:-

What makes home décor interesting and appealing is its unique architectural design. Obviously, each home design involves distinctive features that signifies its character and appeal and the complementing doors and windows can help accentuate that architectural design and reflect your personal taste. For your convenience, we’ve rounded up five popular design options alongside defining which specific window and door design will best fit the style.

Traditional Design

A traditional home design basically consists of clean and uncomplicated architectural elements. It’s generally a Colonial or Georgian design home. The classy appearance of this architecture calls for a clean double-hung or transom window. You can either opt for the plain design or can also select decorative valance if you want. You can complement this timeless combo with a paneled door to complete the look.

Victorian Design

There is no denying the fact that the Victorian architecture is one of the most attractive and complex designs available so far. Generally, identified by delicate decorative, classy furnishings and bold and loud colors, Victorian-styled houses can be perfectly adorned with bay or bow or ached windows. Glass-paneled doors flawlessly complements all these window styles. You can even paint your doors with fun colors to add personalized touch to your décor.


Popular for their fascinating feel, Mediterranean architecture is generally
characterized by tile roofing and plastered exteriors. Use large bay or bow windows or grilled windows to add drama to your home design. You can blend these choices with a solid double door in rich color or single entry doors made with wrought iron that gives detail and elegance to Mediterranean architecture.

Contemporary Design

Simplicity is the essence of contemporary architecture. To keep this design airy and functional, try large sliding windows with glass insert flush door. Make sure to keep your choices simple as it will enhance the contemporary feel and make your house look more elegant and classy.


The emblematic craftsman home design is all about low-pitched roofs and square columns. To make this design stand out, try to install single-hung windows with decorative valance. A paneled front door design with small windows on the top will add to the overall look of your home.