There are many benefits of installing truck fenders. Fenders are a means of protection for your truck. Thus, since trucks cost a lot of money to buy and have high running costs, it is best to do everything possible to protect yours. One of the means of protection is to add fenders over the tires. Fenders can give your truck a unique identity. They also make your truck look stunning.

When you install fenders on your truck, you will reduce the number of times that you have to clean it. Fenders prevent mud, muddy water, snow and other debris on the roads from splashing onto the truck. Thus, you do not have to wash it as often as you need to without fenders.

Fenders will enhance your safety and that of other road users when you are on the road. A fender will prevent a rock from being propelled by your truck’s tires to another vehicle driving ahead or behind you. It will also prevent your truck’s tires from splashing debris onto other vehicles.

For you to get all the afore-mentioned benefits, you have to buy the right fenders. Here is a short guide as to what you should consider most when ordering fenders:


You can have many different kinds of fenders such as poly truck fenders, plastic truck fenders, metal truck fenders and so on.

Metal fenders are made of steel or aluminum with the latter being the preferred choice for many. If you buy the metal fenders, you should know that the constant vibration causes them to develop spider cracks and so you would need to give them good care and maintenance. Metal fenders will also sustain scratches and abrasions.

Fiberglass fenders can be painted any color that you prefer. They are also more “malleable” and can be shaped uniquely without cracking or weakening. Like metal, fiberglass fenders need constant care and maintenance because they sustain scratches and cracks.

Plastic is one of the most common materials used in the designing of truck fenders. Many fleet managers, drivers and owners choose plastic over other materials because of its ability to withstand abuse. A polyethylene fender is almost as light as fiberglass. Plastic also resists dents, scratches and abrasions admirably.


No matter how good a fender looks, if you do not get one of the right size, it will not look good on your truck. If installed correctly, a fender should leave a space of 0.5 inches on the sides and 1.5 inches above the tires. This will prevent the tires from coming into contact with the fenders even when your truck is heavily loaded. Thus, when ordering your truck fenders, you will need to give important information like the type of truck as well as the tire size.


Fenders come in diverse styles, at different costs. Iowa 80 is a great place to find fenders of many different styles. Style in this case means the amount of wheel that the fenders will cover. There are small and big fenders. The smallest one covers a small area of the wheel, about a quarter. This type is good if you drive on roads that do not have a lot of debris. It is also cheaper.

A half tandem fender wraps around one side of the tire with a flat top stretching over the tire. It is good for trucks that pass on good roads.

A full tandem fender covers two axles or more fully. It may be just a flat top over the two axles, or it could be a flat top with drops covering the sides of the tires. It could even have a small dip in between the axles, but most are just flat.

Finally, there is the single axle fender that is made for one tire only. It is half-circle in shape and it gives full protection against spray. It is best for people that drive on roads with a lot of spray.