Trump: Musk deliberately lost the poll about the presidency of Twitter

Trump Musk deliberately lost

The Independent newspaper reported that former US President Donald Trump believed that Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, initiated a poll about his resignation from presidency as “he wanted to step down” himself.

This morning, Musk declared that he would be resigning from his position as President of Twitter once a suitable successor is identified. He proclaimed that after relinquishing this role, he plans to manage the software and server teams for the platform.

After Musk asked the Twitter-verse to take part in a survey about his future as CEO, users voted for him to step down – which he then vowed to oblige.

In a statement, former President Trump declared that the American billionaire “willingly lost” an online poll about his destiny in Twitter. He no longer desired to remain as administrator of the site he purchased for $44 billion.

The former GOP leader further commented: It appears that he wants to resign, and this is a great way for him to do it… lose in an election and just move on.

Musk’s poll was answered by a whopping 17.5 million people, and the results showed that an overwhelming majority (57.5%) said he should step down from his position; only 42.5% disagreed with this sentiment.

After Musk’s takeover of Twitter, he was swift in his decisions. He quickly relieved half the company’s senior employees from their posts and reactivated Donald Trump’s former account. More recently, Musk has decided to annul the anti-disinformation policy for Covid-19 which had been established by previous management.

Before receding from his stand, Musk had taken the drastic measure of suspending accounts of multiple members of media and blocking the advertisement on Twitter for substitute social networks.

Both the United States and European policy makers took notice of these significant changes.

The European Commission has sternly warned Musk that the EU could take drastic measures against him, such as sanctions, if he continues to endanger press freedom.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the share price has plummeted by a full third!

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