We all have a cabinet in our kitchens that we only use to store some essential herbs and spices. However, we do not incorporate all the herbs and spices into our daily meals. It is not that these spices are not good; however, they are still neglected one way or another. Some of these spices have amazing properties that can be very beneficial for helping you improve your overall health.

Herbs and spices are extensively used in many parts of the world for various medicinal purposes. Chinese and Indian medicines incorporate the use of spices due to their vast health benefits. These ancient societies studied these spices’ uses and effects very close to single out their best beneficial qualities. The best part about these medicinal herbs and spices is that you can ingest them in many different ways, a few of which we’ll be discussing later on in the article.

Inflammation occurs due to the body’s natural response to infection or an injury. It can cause redness, pain, heat, or swelling. Acute inflammation is usually considered the body’s defense system against injuries or infections. It helps restore tissue function and heals the body. Inflammation of the joint such as swelling and stiffness is caused due to arthritis. If inflammation lasts for too long, it can become chronic. Chronic inflammation can occur due to an allergy, infection, or an autoimmune reaction. Some spices and foods can help act as anti-inflammatory.

Now, don’t get stressed out if you are not able to find these essential spices or that they will be too expensive. These are regular everyday household spices. They are easily found at the spice aisle of your favorite convenience or food store. We go down to the store almost every day to get our desired product, so if you do not have some of them, just gather them on your next trip. Furthermore, kids hate taking medicine as they usually taste horrible. Hence, you can easily hide these medicinal spices in your kid’s meals, and they would never know. 

It is understandable that figuring out which spices and herbs to use for reducing inflammation can be overwhelming. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be talking about some of the beneficial properties of turmeric and other vital spices that can help decrease inflammation.


Turmeric is an essential spice that has been a part of Asian cuisine for centuries. It is most commonly found in regions such as India and Pakistan. It added to curries as a yellow coloring agent; nonetheless. It is an amazing anti-inflammatory. Turmeric contains many beneficial compounds; however, Curcumin is the compound we require.

Curcumin is the agent famous for providing turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric curcumin extract is also great for treating other ailments such as colds, wounds, infections, liver disease, and even the common cold. As aforementioned, turmeric is brilliant for fighting inflammation. It also helps decrease the inflammation in our brains. That can lead to a reduction in the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and even depression. Furthermore, Curcumin is excellent for enhancing cognitive abilities and improves the user’s memory. Multiple studies conducted to prove the effects of Curcumin. Here are some great benefits of turmeric:

  • very good for your heart health
  • it is very good for preventing cancer
  • Is suitable for reducing pains and inflammation in patients with arthritis
  • Can also be beneficial when it comes to weight loss

One common question found among people is “how long does it take for turmeric to work?” and the truth is it can take around 2 to 4 weeks to show results. It takes time to reduce chronic inflammation; however, if you are consistent in using it, then the results will be eminent. Turmeric can be added to your meals, drinks, smoothies, or basically anything. For slightly better results, try taking turmeric and curcumin supplements. These supplements usually contain high amounts of Curumin in them.


People love garlic. Garlic is notorious for its vast use. From adding it to improve the flavor profile of our food to creating entire foods made out of it like garlic bread. It is famous as the essential herb/spice for the pantry. However, most people aren’t aware of the wondrous qualities that garlic poses. Garlic has miraculous anti-inflammatory properties. Research proves that garlic is excellent for easing the symptoms of arthritis.

Try using fresh garlic in most of your savory dishes to add more flavor. Plus, fresh garlic has more health benefits to it. The taste of garlic can be a bit too overpowering in some cases. Therefore, try to use ahead of garlic for a much milder and sweeter flavor.


Cinnamon is one of the most flexible spices. It contains many great health benefits. Baked goods use cinnamon to enhance and improve their flavor. However, cinnamon is a lot more than just a simple seasoning. Studies suggest that the spice has anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease swelling. It also contains other health benefits such as keeping your heart health in check. Cinnamon lowers cholesterol, aids in weight loss and is great for diabetic patients as it keeps their blood sugar in check.


Ginger is a really great spice. Most cuisines around the world extensively use it in their savory dishes It helps increase the intensity of dishes. A lot of Asian countries have been using ginger in medicines for centuries. You can use it to treat illnesses such as headaches, infections, and upset stomachs. However, it possesses great anti-inflammatory properties. It is very beneficial in decreasing chronic inflammation. Arthritis patient also use it to decrease their symptoms


Cayenne and other similar chili peppers have a plethora of great health benefits. Most chili peppers have a natural compound known as capsaicinoids. This compound is responsible for providing these peppers with anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that it helps reduce chronic and acute inflammation. Capsaicinoids are also great digestive aids. Try spicing up your dishes with it.

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Black pepper

If chili peppers are too hot for you, then you’ll be excited to find out that the much milder black pepper is also a great anti-inflammatory. Famously called the “King of Spices”. It possesses great antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Research has shown that the chemical compounds present in black pepper are great for reducing acute inflammations.