Twitter announces free calls anywhere and removes inactive accounts

Twitter announces free calls anywhere and removes inactive accounts

According to a Reuters report, Twitter CEO Elon Musk shared information on Tuesday about upcoming features for the social media platform. These include encrypted calls and messages, as well as the removal of inactive accounts.

Last year, Musk announced his plans for the “Twitter 2.0 The Everything App” project, which he said would contain features such as encrypted direct messages (DMs), long tweets, and payments services.

Yesterday, Musk tweeted that the platform will soon allow voice and video chat with anyone on the platform. This feature will enable users to communicate with people worldwide without revealing their phone number.

The addition of a communication feature to Twitter will allow it to offer the same features as Facebook and Instagram, which are owned by Meta.

Musk stated that Twitter will now have an encrypted direct messages feature available starting today, Wednesday. However, he did not mention whether or not the calls made on this feature would be encrypted.

nactive accounts issue

Twitter said this week that it would begin a process to delete or archive accounts that have been inactive for years.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk said, in a tweet, that the social media platform will remove accounts that have been inactive for several years, and said that the action is important to free abandoned accounts.

The billionaire owner of Twitter stated in another tweet that inactive accounts would be archived, but Musk did not specify when this process would start.

In 2019, Twitter attempted to remove inactive accounts before the platform reversed its plan after a backlash from people who indicated that this would eliminate archives of deceased people’s tweets.

And the company’s management announced at the time that it had suspended the plan until it found a good way to commemorate the accounts of deceased people, according to the American Time magazine.

At the time, Twitter acknowledged through a series of tweets that they had made a mistake that affected the accounts of the deceased.

“She added that we will not delete any inactive accounts unless we have a new method for individuals to memorialize accounts of the deceased.”

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