Two English fans dressed as the “Crusade”  in the World Cup .. They wanted to enter the stadium, but the Qatari police stopped them (video)

Two English fans dressed as the Crusade  in the World Cup
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At the World Cup, Qatar prevented two English fans from entering their match against Iran because they were wearing uniforms symbolizing the crusade.

The video showed English fans trying to force their way into the match stadium carrying swords and crosses, but Qatari police stopped them.

The consequence was that English fans were cautioned against wearing apparel associated with the Crusades so as not to “offend Muslim sensibilities” in Qatar, according to the Telegraph.

“Kick It Out,” a leading anti-discrimination organization, stated that clothing with designs referencing the “Temple Knights or Crusaders” may not be appreciated in Qatar or other Islamic nations.

Some World Cup fans may not be able to bring certain outfits into Qatar and other Muslim countries, the Foundation warned. This includes clothing that represents knights or crusaders.

The preceding newspaper article noted that the British Foreign Office recommended fans research and show respect for local customs before travelling to the event.

This video, which sparked wide interaction and was widely shared on Twitter, comes amid a great wave of condemnation for the fans’ behavior.

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022 British journalist Robert Cater tweeted: “The Qatari authorities have started to prevent England fans from wearing Crusader costumes in stadiums. The clothes come with swords and crosses which are offensive because of the Crusader’s history or rape, murder, and occupation of Arab lands.”

In the second round of group stage World Cup competition, England beat Iran six to two.

The second group also includes the teams of Wales and the United States of America. Their match resulted in a 1-1 draw.

With this impressive result, the England national team has now set a new record for its largest victory margin in opening matches of major tournaments (Euros, World Cup).

Europe’s giants have also scored 6 goals in one match, for only the second time after defeating Panama (6-1) in the 2018 World Cup.

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