Big bikes have always been popular in the UK, thanks to a hard-core group of bikers who ride regardless of the weather conditions, yet over the past few years, the number of people who ride motorcycles has risen sharply. Of course, there are different styles of motorcycle and it is the touring machine that is the most popular and when combined with camping, touring on two wheels is very affordable.

Choosing a Touring Bike

A visit to Wheels Honda in Leicester is all it takes to test ride a few of the Honda touring bikes, with the amazing Gold Wing being the flagship of the fleet and if that’s too much bike for you, there are 600cc sports-tourers that offer speed and comfort. If you want to ride a big bike in the UK, you will need to obtain the class A licence, which might take a couple of years if you are starting as a learner, when you are restricted to 125cc bikes and after the theory and practical tests, you can graduate to the coveted class A licence. All the bike manufacturers offer touring machines and the sports-tourer hybrid might be the best choice, while Honda seem to be the most popular. Spend a few hours researching online, then you can book test rides and end up with the bike that best suits you and your lifestyle.

The Freedom & Independence of the Open Road

Touring on a 750cc bike offers you the freedom to go where you like and the independence to decide how long you stay; there are many campsites across the UK to cater for the many holidaymakers that prefer to sleep under the stars, so finding a spot to pitch your tent is never an issue. You might be wondering how to pack everything onto a motorcycle, but with the right panniers and side bags, you would be surprised at just how much stuff you can carry and let’s not forget backpacks, which could be worn by both rider and pillion at a push. Tents are very compact and easy to erect and take down and whether a couple or a single rider, you’ll have enough space for everything if you pack properly. If you are planning the best for family road trips, here are a few tips to ensure a smooth journey.

Online Campsite Booking

The summer months are, of course, very busy, as many people look to take a camping holiday in the countryside and all the campsites are online and you can book your spot in a matter of seconds. If you’re feeling lucky, you could just turn up, but to be on the safe side, reserving a berth is the best way to be sure. The Internet hosts a wealth of information to help you choose great camping locations and there’s so much to see in the UK, you will never be short of ideas. Let’s not forget the pandemic; you should check for Covid-19 updates before planning any trips. Once you have your touring bike and your camping gear, there’s not much else you need to enjoy great holidays that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!. Also, prepare camping equipment like your sleeping bag and mosquito repellent.


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