Sending the necklace is actually very romantic thing, which you can imagine the surprised expression when the other party sees the gift. So sending the necklace is a good choice, but boys may not understand these and do not know how to choose.

1, the meaning of the necklace, the most direct idea is that the necklace is equal to missing, which do not need gorgeous language decoration, its homophony is very suitable in the love book. The meaning of the necklace is to express your feelings about the girl you like. Many boys will have a shy feeling when they face a girl they like, fearing that they will be rejected directly, and then they will not dare to speak. However, sending a girlfriend’s necklace can be a way to express love.

2, in addition to expressing thoughts and misses, the necklace also has the meaning of guardianship. Receiving the monogrammed necklace that I sent you, it means that you will always be with me, and willing to go with me. Therefore, in ancient times, sending a necklace represents the courage of holding your hand and getting old with you. Therefore, the best place to send a necklace should be a love period.

3. If you are belong to male girlfriend, you really have a friendship, a good friend for a lifetime. Then, the necklace you sent has other meanings. If the man’s girlfriend send necklace to you, it means a silent blessing, a blessing from the heart, no love, only friendship.

1, pearl necklace

The whiteness of the pearl symbolizes the noble temperament and has the meaning of purity, health and longevity. As a gift to the elders, it is very good. The mellowness of the pearls shows elegant and noble temperament, which is the real reason why countless women like pearls around the world.

2, emerald and emerald necklace

Both of these gems are green, symbolizing vitality. This is a piece of custom jewelry that will bring good luck to people, indicating opportunities and good luck. Emerald and emerald are very precious and are known as the treasure of the East. Therefore, jade jewelry is often used as a gift for business, which means that the business is smooth and will have many opportunities.

3, garnet necklace

The red of garnet, warm and not flamboyant, symbolizes faith and loyalty. It always brings a mysterious power to the loved one, not only its attractive appearance, but more importantly its profound commemorative significance, and can help people to spend the hardship of life, finally escape the predicament.

If you send a girlfriend necklace for Valentine’s Day, there are many different materials in the market, such as gold, silver, platinum, k gold and other materials. First, we recommends that you buy platinum necklaces which material will have a relatively high hardness and has a certain stability and will not fade when wear for a long time.

Secondly, you can choose a necklace of 18k gold, which is very suitable for young people to wear. More importantly, wearing a necklace of 18k gold will give you a noble atmosphere. You can read more in here about name necklace.


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