Body Posture

Posture is basically the habitual look of person’s body look. Like how straight or how much bend he stands, it all depends on his body condition. Even the first impression of the attitude of a person has been given by his body posture.  It could lead you towards better opportunities or it could even take away some top opportunities from you. You can also get posture corrector equipment from, like the bracer has been used by many people these days. Some people do not have time for exercise so they could go in either way to use these braces for better posture.

Types of Body Postures

There are different types of body postures all depend health state of a person.

· Forward Head

In this state of posture your neck is in the forward position. Text neck is another name for this forward neck, may be you familiar with this. When you are using too much android phone and sitting on laptops not in the correct way it will lead your body to lead in this posture. It could lead you to the pain in back and stiffness in your body. Moreover, you would also face some tensions being in this sleepy posture.

· Flat Back

Basically the curve in the spine is natural. S has been formed when we clearly observe the shape of the spine. In flat back posture you lose the lower curve has been lost and your back becomes flat. This is also not good to health. This could lead you to have pain in leg for a long time.

· Swayback

As we know, there is an S shape in our spine. But if the S has been exaggerated then it would be said to be swayback. Your upper back comes outward and the lower back goes inward. It gives a very bad look and people will also not take so much interest in you. You should do exercises and take precautionary measures to make you look better by getting a healthy posture.

· Kyphosis

This posture is the one in which your upper back has been rounded backward. This would just have a little more curvaceous on the upper than the normal ones. Older women have Kyphosis most probably. This is the sign of weakness.

· Healthy Posture

Keeping your body aligned and standing or sitting in a straight well-mannered way you can get a healthy posture. The alignment of ears should be in front of shoulders, then a straight back and standing staright on your ankles as well. You could do that we doing some good exercises as well.

Exercises For Better Spinal Health And Posture

The exercises you can do to make your posture better are as following:


You can do bridges, the exercise by lie down and putting your back upward. It will make your back stronger and legs as well.


Stretch is most amazing exercise you could do twice a day in lighter manner. It makes the blood flow of your body good and also gives you a healthy posture.

Child’s Pose

You can also do the child pose to get a good posture. It also sends blood to your mind.

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