CBD, which is an acronym for cannabidiol, is known for its various health benefits. It’s different from THC, a cannabinoid found in marijuana that doesn’t have psychotic effects and addictive tendencies. Both THC and CBD have health benefits. However, people have always been skeptic about using cannabis for the “high” feeling it gives. If you’re one of those people, CBD is the kind of cannabinoid you have been looking for.

As already mentioned, CBD is a cannabinoid that delivers certain health benefits without getting a person high. CBD that is derived from the hemp plant is specifically used for medicinal purposes. This is why the criterion for CBD products to be legal in a country is that the compound should be extracted only from the hemp plant. This is because hemp rarely contains THC. So, if your CBD product has to be legal, it should contain less than 0.3% THC.

You would find a great variety of CBD products. You can choose to use any of them based on your personal preference. With that being said, here’s a list of the types of CBD products that you can use.


CBD oil is the most common kind of CBD product that you would come across in the market. While CBD oil is also found in topical forms, that is, to be applied to a part of the body, you would even find edible CBD oil. CBD oil that is edible is used for cooking. However, you have to monitor the amount of oil you use. CBD oil can also be found in the form of capsules and tinctures. In fact, CBD oil is so basic, you would find a number of different forms of CBD oil. There is CBD oil for animals too. Check out this link to know more.


CBD wax is derived from the extract of CBD by treating it until it gets solidified. Since the extract is solidified, it’s a highly concentrated form of CBD. You would find different forms of CBD wax, like live resin, CBD shatter, budder, etc. It’s ingested by being dabbed. Since it’s highly concentrated, it provides instant relief. So, based on what kind of action you want, you can use CBD wax. However, people who plan to use CBD wax should proceed with caution; since CBD wax is quite concentrated. Make sure you start off with a small amount, making gradual progress to find what dosage suits you.

CBD Crystal

CBD crystals give a lot of liberty when you’re confused about the way you want to use CBD. CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant is converted into a crystallized form. In addition, this crystallized form is quite concentrated, much like the CBD wax. People use CBD crystals to make their own creams, lotions, capsules, and even edibles. It can be added to drinks and food to be ingested as well.

Since dabbing is one of the mechanisms that give instant relief and has quick action, people use CBD crystals by dabbing. For this, one can dab a little bit of it on a nail and heat it. The CBD crystal would start releasing vapor as a result, which can be inhaled.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles mean CBD products that can directly be ingested. CBD edibles include a variety of products, like gummies, chocolates, and even baked stuff. CBD edibles are a good option for people who are not up for the smell and taste of crude CBD. If we talk about CBD oil, the biggest problem for people is getting used to the smell of it. However, CBD edibles don’t have the smell of CBD. Furthermore, you can have them whenever and wherever you want. You can carry them with you and have them when you feel like it.

However, you don’t get all the perks. It takes a good amount of time for the CBD edibles to have an effect. While you get to easily make them a part of your lifestyle, you need to be patient to witness their effects.

CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil is another form of CBD oil. However, the way you administer CBD vape oilis quite different from how you would use crude CBD oil. CBD vape oilis put into a vaping pen, wherein the oil changes to vapor and is inhaled. This is known to be a good way of administering CBD for people who are used to smoking. All you need is CBD vape oil and a vape pen/vaporizer to be able to inhale the vapor. It can even help a person get over the addiction of smoking.

CBD vape oil comes in a number of flavors. Also, since the vapor directly reaches the lungs, gets absorbed, and makes it to the bloodstream, it gives instant relief. However, if you’re vaping specifically for medical reasons, make sure you only buy CBD vape oil that is made from a hemp plant. This is because if you take a drug test while vaping CBD that is derived from cannabis, there are chances that THC would be present in the vape oil, thus making you fail the drug test.

CBD Capsule

CBD capsules are made to look like nutritional supplements. They come in different concentrations and doses, which makes it easier to measure and monitor. Also, CBD capsules are very discreet to take, which means you can take them in the public as well if vaping draws too much attention.

No matter what CBD product you decide to have, make sure you buy it from a trusted brand. This is because the industry is relatively new, and many manufacturers sell adulterated products. While looking for products, check the clinical and lab tests and request for results if required. Also, before you start using a CBD product, talk to a doctor and find out if you should take it or not. While CBD rarely has side-effects, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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