When you first think of adding a deck to your home it is easy to get overwhelmed with the options. The builders have a goal to elevate the stress you are feeling and help you get the deck you dream of. The knowledgeable deck contractors work closely with you to design the perfect deck for your home and help you decide what decking material is right for the project. There are multiple brands like BriteDeck to choose from with different categories of products in a wide range of prices. You should take into account composite decking Sydney brand reviews to find out which brand on the market would be the best option for your home, taste, and budget.

What are the Options?

There are various types of decking materials, including pressure-treated lumber, exotic woods, and composite materials. If your project budget is a major factor, pressure-treated lumber is the way to go. It is economical, available easily, and is easy to work with. If you are searching for a more dense, durable wood, exotic hardwoods may be a good option. Although in terms of cost they are on the higher end of the scale. One option that is growing in popularity is composite decking. Composite deck lasts longer than a wood deck, as they don’t fade, splinter, or rot over time. Composite decking is a wide category that has several different materials including wood, plastic composite, plastic lumber, and capped composite.

Wood-Plastic Composite

Decks made up of wood plastic composite provide the homeowner with low maintenance and long-lasting options that will not break the bank. Wood-plastic composite is a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic. There are famous companies that offer wood plastic composite decking. Another quality of wood composite decking that makes it so popular is that it looks very much like real wood. Homeowners who go for this option enjoy the Classic appearance of real wood while reaping the advantages of composite material, like longevity and durability.

Capped Composite

Capped composite is very similar to a wood-plastic composite, but it is coated with the polymer shell that protects it from the elements even more than a standard wood plastic composite. This option is a little more expensive but extends the life of your deck.

Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber, unlike wood composite decking, is 100% plastic. It is often made with recycled plastic making it an environmentally friendly option. It can be made to look like wood with wood grain molded into it or maybe left smooth without it. Plastic lumber costs more than traditional wood and another composite decking, but it is nearly maintenance-free and weather-resistant and durable.

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Composite decks are an excellent option for any homeowner. While these decks cost more than a traditional wooden deck, the maintenance benefits and longevity of the deck far outweigh the cost. If you have thought of a composite deck as the best option for your home, some good builders can help you determine which type of composite will work best for your deck design, maintenance, and budget preferences.

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