With a great selection of dog food available nowadays, a first-time dog owner might find themselves to be overwhelmed. Ranging from dry, semi-wet, to wet textures of food, other factors such as nutritional contents, price, and taste would be determining points of your choice as well. Untangling the issue, it is wise to stick to what your veterinarian recommends in terms of nutrients contents needed by your particular pet as each one of them are unique and has different needs. Fortunately, the three varieties of dog food texture can offer various health benefits, thus the form of food doesn’t affect its vitamin, mineral, or nutrients contents. There are some specific advantages and disadvantages of certain food forms that will be great factors to be considered. Here’s an in-depth explanation to guide you finding the best dog food for your furry friends.   

What’s Differentiate Dry, Wet, and Semi-Moist Dog Food?

Dog Food

Correspond to its designation, dry food has the least water content among other types of dog food, with average rate of 3-12% of moisture, whilst semi-moist is around 60-65%, and wet food is between 65-85%. This also affects on the expiration date; the less water content within the food, the longer it will take to spoil.

Due to its water content, wet and semi-moist dog food contains less calorie value compared to the same amount of dry food. Thus it makes wet and semi-moist food a preferable option for dogs with overweight mass. Moreover some studies claim that dry food has hard consistency and is often found to get stuck and resulting in tar-tar build-up around teeth. On the contrary, some dry food brands argue that by chewing it, the plague will be removed or scraped by its hard forms. While deciding the best option between the three is still a subject of debate, it’s better to review pros and cons from each type of dog food.  

Advantages of Dry Dog Food

Advantages of Dry Dog Food

Dog owners find dry food much more convenient and clean since there will be no such things as mushy spill messing around on your floor hence it gains more popularity among the other two choices. Besides, its odorless trait also contributes to creating a convenient experience during feeding time as well as when being brought away during travelling. Another apparent advantage is that, due to its longer time to be spoiled, we can buy dry dog food in bulk and get a cheaper price.  Look no farther than Black Hawk Grain Free Dog Food if you’re seeking for a grain-free dog food. Ideal for pets with special dietary requirements, learn about this product.

Wet or Canned Dog Food

Advantages of Wet or Canned Dog Food

Taste wise, picky dogs would go for wet food if they are able to choose their own food as wet food is more appetizing and flavorful. Not to mention, the taste and smell of wet dog food resembles real meat by product.

The liquid contents inside wet food is good to be given for dogs who rarely drink enough water during the day so that they get enough hydration, also the low calorie content of wet food makes it an ideal meal plan for dogs with a tendency to become overweight or for dogs who are on a diet program. The water content inside wet food is proven to be beneficial to digest and to fill the dog’s belly, helping them feel full faster.   

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Advantages of Semi-Moist Dog Food

In most brands, semi moist foods have higher sugar and salt content compared to dry and wet food, making it less of a healthy choice for your canine family. It is suggested to group semi-moist dog food as their occasional threat, just like a dessert or ice-cream version for your dog.   

Decide on What’s Best for Your Dog

Best for Your Dog

Keep in mind that the first thing to be considered is whether the food contains the right ingredients and sufficient nutrients that suit your dog’s need and health condition. Each particular dog is unique, so there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all kind of food. Also, since the three foods have their own advantages and disadvantages, most pet owners claim that by combining each type of dog food into the dog’s meal plan, will give the best result. The combination can be done by turns, as giving them dry food in the morning, wet food in the afternoon, semi-moist or dog treat around 3 p.m. and dry food again in the evening. Furthermore, if any concerns arise, go consult with a veterinarian or you can let your dog tell you which one he prefers.   

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