Unbelievably Effective: Fashion Big-Spender Saving Tips

Designer bags, signature sneakers, jewelry, watches – all these luxury items are hard to buy. Unless you’re a millionaire, it will take years of saving before owning one. And whether you’ve saved enough, you’ll still feel anxious about that decision – is it worth it? Will this bring me happiness? How will I recover from what I’ve spent?

If you’re an impulsive buyer, there are things that you can’t control. Most of the time, you think that you’ve taken strategies, like getting a big loan or borrowing from a friend. The truth is, the more you think of ways to spend significant amounts, the more you’ll get yourself into trouble. Isn’t fashion a sweet temptation?

The bottom line is, if you can’t save money for yourself, you can’t decide to live a comfortable life. Money may not be everything, but many have taken their toll for having nothing of it. So, here are some crazy good ideas that can help you save big bucks:

1. Invest in luxury items, but do not collect!

If you’re surprised with this hack, then you’re probably on to that bank loan again. One way to cure an obsession with buying things is to invest in luxury items. The only catch here is this – you don’t need to collect. If you learn to be contented with one luxury item, you wouldn’t be tempted to buy expensive things. At some point, you’ll be wanting more, but cherishing that item will change your mindset. 

This is critical for watch collectors because the brand is everything for timepieces. So the best thing to try is to invest in a reputable brand. Looking into warranty policies will also be an advantage for your deal. 

Models from the Oceanus Casio collection can be your best investment. The brand is widely known for achieving high-caliber pieces for years. This is considered to be one of the brand’s most exquisite collections in years.

2. Become your own economist 

Know your monthly income and spendings

Overspending is one of the unhealthiest things that a person can do. It causes stress and severe anxiety. This is why you need to be smart when it comes to your income and expenditures. Think of yourself as a small-scale economist for your house. 

First, you need to identify variables like “monthly salary”, “weekly spending”, and “wants”. Once you’ve identified these, you’ll be able to check amounts to forecast a potential monthly saving. If you get to adjust your monthly savings, then you’ll get to set aside a little for your own. Again, you can make a separate piggy bank for your leisure buys, but don’t overlap it with your real savings. 

3. Needs over wants

List the things that you already have; crush out with the items you want

This is a straightforward activity to do. Like the previous tip, you can lay down a piece of paper to write on. There, you need to identify a specific list of needs and wants. It may sound simple, but some would already think more of their wants and start canceling out their needs. Do not do this, as this will affect your entire budget plan. 

Once you’re done with your list, crush out the things that are costly and unnecessary. Afterward, you can merge the file and try to cut the “wants” section again. It might take minutes before you get that discipline, but it’ll be worth it.

4. Live like a minimalist

There are lots of YouTubers that tried living without any extras in their life. They have few clothes, and their kitchen appliances are minimal for a 5-star chef. But the advantage that they get is they increased their productivity levels at work. They seem to have less inside their homes, but their money is overflowing. 

You may want to try this minimalist lifestyle, but there can be setbacks. Make sure you condition yourself and anyone who lives with you. 


Being lavish with things is one way to express ourselves or to show our status symbol. But sometimes, we can go off the board and buy things that are not necessary. We buy clothing that we know we don’t deserve our financial capacities. And with this habit, consequences like debts and bankruptcy can happen. This is why we need to invest, or better yet, do some hacks like the ones mentioned above. 


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