The world is full of so many incredible places. Ancient cities with fascinating stories, mountains that look like they came from a fantasy novel, and… well, it’s impossible to list all the fantastic things, so let’s just stop there. What’s important is that there is so much to see, but we are limited by how much cash we have.

Is there a way to change this deplorable state of affairs? Sure! There are countless things that you could do to make some money. In a second you’ll learn how to save for your dream vacation. Let’s go!

Become a life model!

You don’t need to look like a sex-symbol of the modern-day to become a life model. We are not talking about the avocado-consuming, clothes-lacking, hills-running kind of a model, no-no. Imagine that there are countless art students who would love to improve their painting skills. How to do that? Well, a model or two would be helpful. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to pose for long hours before a group of students. Not sure which part, the uncomfortable pose, or young people staring at your body is a big no-no for most people. The thing is, you don’t need to be skinny, attractive, or even female to become a life model. Most of the students won’t care about how you look – all their care is their craft.

Become eco-friendly!

The best part about doing things that will have a positive impact on our planet is that it will also help you save some money. You could stop showering, and use local ponds and rivers, or, instal a tankless water heater. The older models of water heaters tended to heat water even when no one was around. According to the experts at, to avoid wasting energy, you should choose a tankless heater that in the long run will save you some money.

Sell your hair!

Do you have absolutely no problems with your friends using your clothes? If your answer is “take them!” without a hint of doubt, you could make some money by selling your hair. Just imagine that you are a sheep – all you need to do is get rid of something growing on your head – it’s not that complicated. If for some weird reason, you are convinced that every single person on earth should become a copy of you, then it is a start.

Start a band!

Do you think that there are not enough ska-punk bands with trumpets? If you have some skills, and ideas, you, and your friends could start a band and then play in your local bars. You aren’t likely to achieve success – it’s 2019, mind you. Let’s be honest though – when you are drunk, anything loud sounds at least passable, which means that you could make some money.

Let someone sleep in your house!

Hotels are becoming passe. It is much cheaper and more exciting to sleep in other people’s houses. If you have some beds in your home that are not used, and you would say that you have no social anxiety, then with the help of Couchsurfing or Airbnb you could make quite some money in no time. If you happen to live in a city that has some actual tourist attractions, instead of this one old weird-looking building, you’ll be surprised by the number of travelers eager to sleep under your roof. Also, you’ll have a chance to hear their stories, which could give you some ideas about where you should go next!

Blow soap bubbles!

Do you sometimes see people doing weird things publicly? Magic tricks, playing instruments horribly, pretending to be homeless… rings a bell? Do you know what everyone loves? Soap bubbles. It doesn’t matter what God you believe in, or whether you are right-handed or left-handed – if you are not a complete psychopath, then the sight of soap bubbles makes you go “aww”. Use this to your advantage! Sun Tzu said “You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended”, and trust me, no one gets suspicious when they see soap bubbles. The unfathomable riches await you!

Test drugs

Would you describe yourself as a risk-averse person? If no, you could try different drugs. No, I don’t recommend buying any street-drugs. Instead, you should take part in clinical trials. Is it possible that as a side effect, you’ll start seeing things in 4D or you’ll become omnipotent? Not very likely, but who knows. If you love to balance between life and death, then, unfortunately, your thirst won’t get sated. During the clinical trial, you’ll be mostly doing… nothing. But, you can make some money, so why not.

You can do it!

Sure, you could try getting a better job to pay for your dream vacation, but it would take time and effort, and skills, and there are simpler ways to make you a rich man. Okay, not a rich man, but slightly more rich man. Which, if you are not planning on visiting every casino in Las Vegas, should be enough.


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