Understanding Ravencoin Mining Pool

Understanding Ravencoin Mining Poo

More and more people are becoming interested in such passive income as cryptocurrency. It is a volatile asset that becomes more valuable over time. However, this topic seems too complicated for many people, so they miss the opportunity to unlock their potential as a trader. However, if you utilize the services of Hiveon, you will dramatically change your perspective.

Hiveon helps newcomers master the cryptocurrency world and offers several valuable services for mining. First, there’s Hiveon OS – an operating system that fully unlocks your miner’s abilities. Secondly, Hiveon Pool is a cryptocurrency mining pool that easily connects to any device. That being said, this pool will generate a significant profit in the case of Ravencoin mining. This is a relatively new cryptocurrency that has a high transaction speed, based on the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, just like Bitcoin.

Basics of Ravencoin (RVN) cryptocurrency

So, to understand the essence of this cryptocurrency, it is worth turning to the history of its creation. For what reason did Ravencoin appear at all? This cryptocurrency was designed to solve the problems with scalability and centralization of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This currency supports a broader list of applications. Ravencoin is based on a fork of the Bitcoin code. It was announced in late 2017, and mining became possible in early 2018. This cryptocurrency is relatively new, but it is already attracting the attention of users worldwide. For example, in March 2021, only 39% of all coins were mined (there are 21 billion coins total).

In this regard, we can conclude that mining has not stopped for a second but, on the contrary, only intensified. An interesting fact is that the total market capitalization of this asset was about one and a half billion dollars. As RVN is becoming increasingly popular, the complexity of mining is increasing, which means that users have to switch to more sophisticated equipment for this process to generate a decent profit. Learn about RVN on https://hiveon.net/ravencoin

Hiveon about RVN mining

Indeed, after reading the above, you have decided to start mining this cryptocurrency. But the question arises: Which pool for Ravencoin mining should you choose? The answer is obvious: the company Hiveon, which constantly uses the latest technologies. We should not forget that Hiveon offers several services and tools that greatly facilitate the process of Ravencoin mining. Among the main advantages, it is worth highlighting such factors as the absence of high commissions, convenient and efficient Hiveon OS system and, most importantly, Hiveon Pool – a tool representing the best RVN mining pool.

Benefits of using Hiveon RVN Pool

Let’s assume you have bought the equipment and set up everything according to the instructions on the Hiveon website. But before you start mining, you need to understand such a concept as a pool. What is it? A collection is a group of several miners who unite to mine a block and get a reward. If all the units were to be mined alone, it would eventually become less profitable as the difficulty increases with each block mined.

The main advantages of using Hiveon RVN Pool are low commissions (half a percent for the whole pool), full payment for transactions at the company’s expense (the minimum threshold is 10 RVN), free use of Hiveon OS for four employees (this operating system allows to increase the efficiency of mining by at least 30%), and the PPS+ reward type.

Become part of the Hiveon ecosystem because it is the most transparent and profitable company. There are no hidden commissions here. In addition, as mentioned above, the PPS+ reward type is involved, meaning miners always get paid, regardless of whether the pool mines a block. In other words, Hiveon RVN Pool guarantees you a stable income. Moreover, the reward is fairly distributed among all participants, depending on the percentage of their contribution to block mining.

A tool to calculate your success: RVN mining profitability calculator from Hiveon

If you still have doubts about the profitability of mining, we advise you to use the Hiveon service, the RVN mining calculator. With its help, you can easily calculate the profitability of RVN mining. If two ways: simple and advanced calculators.

The simple calculator is easy to use; here, you just need to enter the hash rate of your mining farm, and the calculator will automatically calculate the profit generated daily.

The advanced calculator takes into account many more factors. Here, the user needs to select the video cards that will be used for mining, enter their number, and add the hash rate, the amount of electricity used and the cost of electricity. As a result, you will see what amount of money will come to your wallet daily and monthly.

Get started on the path to becoming a successful miner with Hiveon

How do I mine RVN? Easy: First, you must register a new account; this process will take two minutes. you must enter your email and password; your account will be automatically created. You may need to confirm that your email is up to date, so make sure you enter the correct information!

Before mining Ravencoin, create your wallet for this cryptocurrency. After all, it is logical that all mined assets should be stored somewhere. The Hiveon service will help you with this. Next, add your equipment to Hiveon’s mining pool to join hundreds of other users to increase the chances of successful block mining. Be sure to do the proper setup to get the most out of your mining. Don’t forget to keep track of your mining status with Hiveon.

Conclusions about Hiveon

You should take advantage of the services provided by Hiveon, as they are unique and will help you unlock the potential of your mining equipment. Take advantage of Hiveon’s RVN mining pool tool for more efficient mining, as it will give you access to innovative software and allow you to conduct transactions with minimal fees. In addition, if you have any questions, you can contact the support team at any time, and their representatives will be happy to help you. Hiveon will quickly meet your needs, so hurry up and join this company’s thousands of satisfied customers.

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