Liposuction is one of the top five forms of plastic surgery performed in the United States. It can do wonders for individuals who would like to improve the appearance and shape of their bodies. However, there are limitations as to what the procedure can do. Plastic surgeons have to set realistic expectations for their patients to help them feel fully satisfied with the results they will get. Here are a few things that liposuction will not do.

1. It Won’t Tighten Loose or Hanging Skin

Things like unlucky genetics, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can cause a person to have poor skin elasticity. Liposuction is not designed to remove or in any way change a person’s skin. If you have loose skin now, it will look the same after surgery. You may notice an even more pronounced deflation effect after unwanted fat has been removed.

2. Stretch Marks Will Look the Same

Liposuction will remove fat under the skin. However, it will not affect the dermis or epidermis. Stretch marks are scars that occur in the dermis. These scars may fade for various reasons, including the use of cosmetic treatments, but they are unlikely to disappear completely.

3. The Number on the Scale Won’t Change Much

To feel satisfied with liposuction, you first have to understand this question: How does liposuction work? It is only designed to remove certain pockets of fat in problem areas. It will not reduce a person’s overall weight. And, in most cases, you need to be at a reasonable weight to qualify for the procedure. You should view it as a sculpting technique, not a weight-loss tool.

Individuals who are obese should understand that liposuction would not replace bariatric surgery. And it would not replace good eating habits or regular exercise. But it can be used as a good tool to help you maintain the weight loss results you have achieved.

4. It Will Minimally Affect Cellulite

Liposuction is not likely to help a person eliminate their cellulite; this is because cellulite is produced when fiber pulled down on the skin, and then fat is pushed against it. Some of the fat may be eliminated, but liposuction does not do anything to change the fibers in the skin. Some individuals may notice that their cellulite looks worse after liposuction because they do not have good skin elasticity.

5. It Won’t Flatten All Abdomens

Some people have a rounded abdomen because of excessive intra-abdominal fat. When liposuction is performed, fat is only removed from the area between the skin and the muscle. To reduce intra-abdominal fat, you should eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

6. It Won’t Completely Change Your Body or Life

If you currently have the physique of a supermodel but just have a pocket or two of unwanted fat, you may look like a supermodel after having liposuction performed. However, you need to have a realistic idea of how the procedure will affect you. It will remove unwanted fat, but it won’t change your natural physique. It will enhance it.

On that note, it is also important to be realistic about the way liposuction will affect your life. You are likely to get a boost of self-confidence and feel better about yourself, but it will not completely overhaul your life, save a failing relationship, or guarantee that you get a job promotion.

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