Spending some quality time with your friends and family needs a quality couch. The L-shaped sofas in trend is the perfect comfort for your precious gatherings. What makes the purchase of a sofa so important for Indian households is its prime importance, in the living room. It’s a space where the family unites on cozy evenings over a cricket match, or over tea and snacks for a movie evening.

What is it?

This is a specific type of sofa that is designed in the shape of the alphabet L. it usually has two major sections which are connected to each other and the smaller section remains loose as an extension of the larger part. For this reason it is also called ‘sectional sofas’. Know more about L shaped sofa designs:

  1. Size versatility: L shaped sofas are available in different sizes. It is often misunderstood that it only fits a large room. Recently this has become a myth as this kind of sofas can be adjusted into a smaller room as well.
  2. Adjust the number of seats: These sofas come with an extra section unlike the standard two or three seated sofas. Hence it is adjustable to a more number of seats. As an example- if it is a three seated l-shaped sofa then there will be minimum one to two seating option on the sideways which can be adjusted to fit for a maximum number of three people.
  3. Space efficiency: It is widely appreciated to have placed in the middle of the room. But, in addition to that recent and more developed designs have made it possible that newer models ensures that it makes most of the corner areas as well. Therefore it can be placed in anywhere of your room as per your requirement.
  4. Adding to the ambience: L-shaped sofas are accurately designed to have a centre table beside it. For this fact it creates opens up even more options to your decoration. Be it a living room or a bed room, having such a sofa inside the room always increases the essence of beauty of the place.
  5. Budget and purpose friendly: This kind of sofa price ranges from around 16000 INR to 75-80,000 INR. So as per the budget the quality of material and linen and size varies. Moreover, be it a meeting or family hang-out or any solo moment of stretching and relaxation, L-shaped sofas fits almost every occasion.

So, stop worrying about all your doubts and do consult these few tips before you select your sofa. Here’s to coming home and throwing your tired self into the comfort your beloved furniture. Besides considering sofa designs, for your living space, also consider TV unit designs, to give your living room a perfect finish of fun and décor. Every living room is however incomplete without a comfortable yet stylistic sofa set, and a TV unit that keeps up with the modern trends of décor and ambience. It is these little bits of furniture that make your house a home, with all the love you share among each other.

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