Graduating college is certainly a milestone worth celebrating. After four long years of essays, exams, all-nighters, and 8 a.m. classes you grew to deeply regret, you’re walking away with more than just a degree. You’ve likely made lifelong friends and memories, and gained valuable knowledge that will be applicable in your future career, no matter where your life takes away. Post-graduation, you’re stepping boldly into a new stage of life and your future is bright.

It’s May, which means that graduation season is once again upon us. As the spring semester wraps up and the class of 2019 breathes a collective sigh of relief, your friends and family are rushing to plan the most unforgettable Pinterest-worthy celebration they can possibly come up with in honor of you and your academic achievement.

Just like high school graduation, college graduation is simultaneously sentimental and exciting. It represents a new time in your life, whether you’re heading off for the summer to backpack around Europe, moving across the country to join your dream startup, planning for grad school, or simply getting your future plans in order.

Whatever your future holds, you can count on your grad party to be a night to remember. Sit back and relax. This is your time, and your closest friends and family — excellent party planners that they are — have got you covered. As the graduate, it’s your job to have fun before the next phase of your adult life begins.

Nevertheless, it’s important to show your guests how much you appreciate them, and one good old-fashioned way to do that is by offering party favors. Here are some awesome ideas that are college-themed and therefore appropriate, but also practical. Your guests will love to take them home as mementos of a night well spent.

Champagne flutes

Although the champagne itself might be finished off by the end of the night, there’s no reason not to send your guests off with a champagne flute filled with candy, glitter, or a handwritten note thanking them for coming and wishing them the best. Fellow grads will appreciate the personalized messages, especially if you’re heading off in different directions after graduation, and the flutes can be reused indefinitely. Cheers to a new start!

Confetti poppers

Everyone loves confetti, and nothing says “here’s to the summer” like a sparkling shower of coloured confetti to finish off a fun night of celebrating. To ensure everyone is on the same page, make sure these favors are handed out when guests first arrive. That way, you can inform the crowd when it’s time to pull them open and let the confetti rain down at the end of the evening. The aesthetic effect will be perfect for everyone’s Instagram stories and will cap off an exciting night. Gold and silver confetti is traditional, but for a grad party, we recommend using confetti in your school’s colors. What better way to celebrate becoming an alumnus?

Gift boxes

The trend of the moment is custom-made cardboard boxes shaped like graduation caps, and honestly, it’s an adorable idea. What you choose to include inside the box is up to you, but some ideas that fellow graduates have used are business stickers (it’s never too early to start networking), candy, baked goods, and handwritten notes. If your party is small and mostly made up of your peer group, you may wish to write personalized letters for everyone individually. For an extra-special souvenir, gather all your closest friends in the photo booth and include the strip of photos in their goodie bags. If you live in the New York or Connecticut area, photo booth rental Long Island is affordable and accessible.

Now that you’ve completed your college education, it’s time to celebrate with your family and friends. Just be sure to have the perfect favors to commemorate the celebration, and your achievement.

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