Everyone loves to watch youtube, no matter big or small, it contains everything but if you own a channel that is too tough to get yourself noticed in the sea of channels then you must be curious to understand what others did differently. To make it easier for you, we analyzed different channels and hired a YouTube marketing strategy expert. In less than an hour, we optimized one of the videos with 100 views which enabled it to get 400 more  views over the next two days. By using a YouTube marketing strategy to drive growth, we wanted to create a guide containing all the tactics and hacks including the random increase in subscribers and views (buy YouTube subscribers here). The same tactics and hacks people are using to optimize their videos to get more youtube views, subscribers, and customers.

Create a Compelling Video Thumbnail

Let’s start with the obvious. A good YouTube growth guide starts with how the video looks; otherwise, it won’t get clicked.

Have you ever created a Facebook ad that popped? It got tons of click-through, engagement, and even drove sales? Well, the chances are it would make for a great YouTube thumbnail.

Update the Date

You might have notice that some videos were uploaded in 2017, but it says 2019 on the video title and thumbnail. Some videos are evergreen so you don’t need to change the content. Instead, just edit the title, thumbnail, and description. Now it’s ranking for the word 2019 because no one searches for 2017 anymore.

Get People to Subscribe on the Video

Did you know you can have a watermark on your video? You can put your company logo on it, then when people click it – it asks them to subscribe. The problem? Who would want to click your company logo? Instead of uploading your company logo as a watermark, use a YouTube subscribe image.

Keyword Your Profile

Before you go all in on optimizing your videos, ensure you add keywords to your profile. The keywords should coincide with the content you upload. Just click channel, then select Advanced. Here you can put in relevant keywords next to “Channel keywords.” I recommend putting in branded keywords like your company  Smmpoint.com and personal name. Then add the other keywords you wish to become a thought leader in.

Optimize Your Headline and Description

This one is simple. You get an SEO boost by adding the keywords to the beginning of the title. Find your favourite keywords you want to rank for – then put them there.

For example, if you want to rank for “Makeup Tutorial,” then have it at the beginning of your headline – “Makeup Tutorial: How to create Beautiful Smokey eyes”

Next, are your video descriptions. The more optimized your description, the higher you’ll rank. To optimize your video, include keywords in the first 25 words, make the description at least 250 words, and include your keywords 2-4 times. As a result, this SEO-optimized description helps to tell Google and YouTube what your video is about making them more likely to rank you better.

Create a Compelling Outro

This YouTube hack is easy to do but critical for getting subscribers. When someone gets to the end of your video, they’re at their peak point of becoming a Youtube subscribers. After all, they just consumed an entire video of your content. This is where you want to add a subscribe image which is often just your YouTube profile picture and another annotation that leads people into another relevant video of yours.

To do this, go to your Video Manager section, then click videos. Here, select the relevant video you want to edit, then click End screen & Annotations. I recommend adding annotations to the last 15 – 30 seconds of your video. That way it’s not intrusive to them completing it.

Ask Your Current Fans to Subscribe

This is one of the easiest YouTube channel growing hack to put in place.

There are two ways to do implement this YouTube hack:

#1: In your video, when you’ve given a lot of value to the audience, simply ask them “Hey, if you’ve received a lot of information from this video, please hit subscribe.” And enjoy increasing number of subscribers.

#2: The second one is to send out your channel link to your current fan base whether through email, Messenger, or social media.

Say Your Keywords

YouTube has an advanced transcription for videos. This means they know whether your video’s content is related to the subject you put in your video’s headline, description, and keywords.

So if you don’t say your keywords, then guess what?

You won’t get ranked.

I recommend saying your keywords as often as possible without diluting the quality of the video. The reason is even though YouTube’s transcription is advanced, it’s not perfect.

I’d also open your video with the keywords to make it easier. To do this, remind people of why they clicked on the video.

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