The first month of the year has ended and 2019 is looking great for some but not so much for others. With every new year is a chance for a clean slate and it can be very challenging to become a changed and better person especially if you’re down on your luck and life seems to be beating you. If you have the time to mope around and feel bad about yourself, then you have the time to get up and find yourself some much-needed motivation to be successful. Here are some habits that you need to let go of if you want to ensure a better quality of life for yourself in 2019.

Dwelling on your mistakes

Nothing can be done about the past. People most likely fall into the danger of focusing too much on the mistakes that they’ve made instead of the progress that they’ve achieved since then. Your mistakes are not who you are, but it is an excellent way to move on from them by recognising them and learning to not do them again.

Clinging on to toxicity

Toxicity can come in many forms. It can be your unhealthy alcohol addiction, it can be your overspending habits, and it can also be in people who take up your time and attention. Letting go of mistakes also means staying away from people who would bring you back down to commit those acts again. Toxic people should be at your top list when it comes to removing your baggage from the previous year.

Spending too much time on social media

Social media is an excellent way to connect with people, but it can also lead to time wasted browsing and scrolling past updates that you hardly need to see. Besides the recurring social anxiety that you might develop, having too much of it could be harmful not just mentally but also physically.

Recent studies on electromagnetic fields, or EMFs for short, have shown that staying too close to the presence of gadgets can prove to be damaging to your physiological health. Research on EMF protection is becoming more and more prevalent as the effects of EMFs could lead to frequent migraines, fatigue and even cancer.

Comparing your progress to others

You are your own person, and you grow at your own pace. It can be tempting to see how far others have come with their progress but remember that life isn’t a race, it’s about finding your own pace and being comfortable with how you keep up with your goals.

Finding unhappiness

The world is facing a challenging time where politics and abuse are becoming more and more dangerous topics to talk about. With so much anger and negativity in the world, it’s best that you recognise that they exist. But beyond that, understand that you can do your part in creating more happiness for you and the people around you.