A horrific crime.. US police reveal the mystery of the seven bodies in Oklahoma

Two Oklahoma teen victims
Two Oklahoma teen victims: Brittney Brewer, 16, (left) and Evie Webster, 14

Authorities in Oklahoma, in the south of the United States, announced today, Wednesday, that the seven bodies they found on Monday during their search for two girls who were last seen with a convict of rape turned out to belong to them, the perpetrator, his wife and her three children, and it is likely that he had shot them all and committed suicide.

Okmulgee County Sheriff Joe Prentice told reporters that the evidence was that “Jesse McFadden killed six people and then committed suicide.”

“I’m not sure if he planned his actions in advance or what his motives were. I also wonder when he began to consider committing the crime.”

The police chief explained that the seven dead were in addition to McFadden, 39, his wife, Holly Jess McFadden, 35, and her three children, aged between 13 and 17, and the two teenage girls who were missing, aged 14 and 16, who were friends of the family.

As reported by Fox 23, the two girls spent the night at the Macfadyen family home.

The police chief confirmed that all seven bodies had been killed by at least one shot to the head.

The seven bodies were found last Monday in Henrietta, a small town located in the rural state of Oklahoma in the southern United States.

On Tuesday, Janet May, Holly Jess Macfadyen’s mother, said her daughter married a “monster”.

“My daughter loved her children,” she wrote on Facebook. “Yes, she married the man who killed them, but his magic deceived her.”

McFadden was convicted of rape in 2003, and he was pursuing other new charges related to his previous crime.

McFadden was supposed to appear Monday in a Muskogee County court to face charges that include “child pornography, attempted solicitation of sexual conduct or communication with a minor using technology.”

But McFadden did not appear in court on Monday morning and a warrant was issued for his arrest and police raided his home, according to local media.

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