With the number of apps in the Play Store and the App Store drastically increasing every year, you can easily find an app that will fit even your most special needs. While there are apps that are widely known and used, some other apps are less common but not less useful. Various apps can entertain us when we are bored, help with document management, splitting bills with your friends and so on.

That is why we have decided to share with a list of five less known apps that are worth trying.


TabYou’re out with your friends, eating tasty food, drinking a few beers or glasses of wine. You’re enjoying a night to the fullest. In the end, you are left with a single bill and the bothersome bill splitting. If you don’t want to bother your brain with calculation, you could use the Tab app as the ultimate bill splitter instead. Open this app, scan a receipt, check every article you ordered and share the rest of the bill with your friends, so they can check their stuff as well. If you like the service, you can also calculate the tip for the waiter with the app.

Remove the inconvenience from splitting the bill with the Tab app.

Available on: Android | iOS


NotionYou have downloaded one app for note-taking, one for making to-do lists, another one for creating spreadsheets, etc. This causes constant switching between different apps. Well, the makers of Notion app had the vision to include all these functionalities in one app. You can use the Notion to make events in calendars, add different people to the events and set their roles and responsibilities. You can make spreadsheets, save entire web pages offline, add blocks of codes, use it as a text editor and much more. It can either your personal or professional needs.

Keep yourself more organized with the Notion app.

Available on: Android | iOS

PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word ConverterYou probably have a dozen PDF documents stored on your drive, phone or inbox. It can be a last-year contract or a good resource for your research project. If you want to change a simple thing like a date from a contract, you will find yourself powerless to do so because PDFs are read-only files. That is why you need a PDF to Word Converter app to convert PDF files into editable Word documents. The converter file will keep the formatting from the original document, and you can make changes in it. Very clean and simple app, good for anyone that needs a good converter app.

Reuse old documents instead of retyping with PDF to Word Converter.

Available on: Android | iOS


TunityIf you are watching your favorite game in a crowded bar or while running on the treadmill in the gym, the chances are that TV will be muted or you can’t hear it well. It will diminish your overall experience. To stop this from happening, there is now a perfect app for that. Tunity app will allow you to scan image of what is playing on TV and stream audio directly to your phone. You can now watch on the muted TV, but listen to the sound on your earphones no matter where you are.

Never miss the audio experience again because TV is muted with the Tunity app.

Available on: Android | iOS


RandoSome might challenge the usability of the Rando app, but it sure is a lot of fun using it. When you are feeling bored and you want to meet a new random person from another country, you can just use Rando to pick a random photo from your phone and send it to a random location in the World. In return, you will receive random photos and hopefully not a single photo of certain body parts. Who knows, with crazy luck you might even start an interesting conversation with someone from another country.

Rando app is like playing Russian Roulette with photos and GIFs.

Available on: Android | iOS