Almost everyone would like their days to go a little smoother. Some people have a medical condition and need a little extra assistance to function at optimal levels. Others run a business from their phones and never want their batteries to die. Some people wish they didn’t lose everything their hands touched. For all these situations and more, there are gadgets to help.

Let’s look at some of them.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have become quite high-tech. They are no longer the bulky, unattractive devices of the past. Not only have they become more inconspicuous and customizable, but they come with exciting features. Many modern hearing aids can be paired with an app to amplify sounds from MP3 players, phones, TVs and other audio sources. People with hearing challenges no longer need to feel uncomfortable seeking assistance.

Air Pollution Monitors

Poor indoor air quality can lead to myriad health concerns including poor sleep and respiratory problems. Using furnaces, painting and closing up the home completely can make the situation even worse. If you’ve been experiencing unexplained symptoms, moisture or dust in your home may be to blame. You can call in the experts but first, you can try using a monitor designed for home usage. These devices track common pollutants and some even respond by purifying the air.

Portable Projectors:

Have kids often travelling with you? Get this portable pocket-size projector and keep them busy! Piqo, the world’s most powerful pocket-size projector will help you process entertainment content to keep your kids busy on the go. Also, its compact, durable and intuitive design is quite handy and easy to carry. Offering compatibility to over 36,00 apps, the 250-inch widescreen will give cinematic view wherever you go!

Sleep Trackers

Getting rest can be difficult. It’s no wonder given many people’s conflicting commitments, relatives to care for and devices constantly going off. However, poor sleep can lead to poor health. Sleep monitors can provide valuable information about how you’re sleeping and offer tips on how to improve your rest. Some sleep trackers are standalone devices while others are part of a fitness tracker.Sleep Trackers

Bluetooth Trackers

 If you constantly lose your keys, phone or wallet, you can put a tracking device on them. Bluetooth tracking devices are paired with a smartphone app and you can track whatever the device is attached to. You can set the tracker to alert you when you are getting closer to it. If the device is out of your range, some systems allow you to bring other people in on the search.

Universal Remotes

Remember when it was hard to keep track of just the TV remote? With the expansion of entertainment systems, the number of remotes in the typical household has grown. So too have the chances of someone misplacing them. Universal remotes are not new but they have become even more important. Some can control up to 15 devices, meaning your coffee table can look a lot clearer. Some remotes also pair with phones and tablets to give you even more control in the palm of your hand.
Universal Remotes

Portable Chargers

We use our phones for virtually everything these days from navigating a new city to trading stocks and managing social media accounts. The thought of a dead battery is enough to make us panic. Luckily, there is no longer a need to rush home to plug in a device. Portable chargers give you the ability to charge your phone during your commute, while camping, or on a long-haul flight.

Smart Suitcases

 Who doesn’t want to remove some of the hassles of travel? Smart luggage comes with varying features including USB charging ports, scales, and tracking devices. These bags may be a little pricey but the best brands are worth it. Just make sure your new luggage set has removable batteries. TSA regulations prohibit travelers from flying with non-removable lithium-ion batteries.

Smart SuitcasesWhatever aspect of life, you want some assistance in, you can be sure there’s a gadget out there for you. From health to tech to travel, lots of nifty devices are on the market.

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