Teeth are one of the most important factors influencing a person’s appearance. But in real life, people are suffering from tooth stains, especially after eating chocolate, coffee or other food. Therefore, what are the ways to clean the stains and make the teeth return as white as origin? And what’s good whitening toothpaste to remove the tooth stains? Here’s the guidance.

What is tooth stain

Dental plaque, also known as dental calculus, refers to the yellow or gray-white deposits attached to the surface of teeth, crevices, gingival margin. It is mainly composed of food debris, bacteria, etc. The composition of dental plaque is microorganisms, exfoliated epithelial cells, white cells, mucin in saliva, proteins, lipids, and a small amount of food debris. The newly formed tooth stains are soft, while the adhesion is not strong enough. As long as you brush your teeth carefully, you can remove them. Otherwise, after 24-48 hours, due to the increase of calcium salt, the calculus is firmly attached to the tooth surface, so it is difficult to remove the tooth stain by brushing alone.

Bacteria in tooth stains are mainly streptococcus and anaerobe in the oral cavity. When the tooth stains accumulate to a certain thickness, the bacteria close to the surface of teeth begin turning into anaerobic respiration because they are isolated from the air. The acid produced by anaerobic respiration can not be washed away by saliva in time. Then it will destroy the mineral composition of enamel and further promote the formation of caries. The tooth stains accumulated at the root will also stimulate the gums, leading to periodontitis and other periodontal diseases. That’s why the tooth stains must be removed early.

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How to remove tooth stains

1. Brush your teeth

Brushing is not only the necessary measure to remove dental plaque but also the essential method. If you brush your teeth properly, the amount of plaque on the surface of your teeth could be reduced. Therefore, we must develop a good habit of brushing teeth every morning and evening and master the correct methods of brushing teeth. The process of brushing teeth alone can not effectively remove the plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth, so it needs to use other auxiliary supplies. Floss is one of them, which can effectively remove the plaque on the adjoining surface of teeth, and prevent periodontal disease and adjacent caries.

2. Vinegar to remove tooth stains

Vinegar can get rid of tartar and smoke. For people who often smoke, they will have a layer of black and yellow smoke on their teeth.It’s hard to brush it off with toothpaste, but vinegar brush can make their teeth clean and white. It contains half a mouthful of vinegar, rinses in the mouth for 2-3 minutes. Then you spit out, brush teeth forcefully, clean with clear water finally. This could be helpful.

3. Removing tooth stains from orange peel

Orange peel powder as toothpaste can clean the teeth and grind the orange peel into a fine powder. When brushing every day, a little toothpaste is added, this can not only make the teeth white but also make the mouth fragrant. Since orange peel has a strong antiseptic and sterilization effect, it can effectively firm the teeth for a long time.

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4. Tooth washing

Tooth washing is the most direct and effective way to remove tooth stains. It has the most direct effect on the removal of tooth stains. It can help to treat a variety of oral diseases. And it is recommended to wash teeth once a year.

good whitening toothpaste

5、Choosing good whitening toothpaste

Some whitening toothpasteis specially made for removing the tooth stains. Their components are carefully selected to function well. For example, the toothpaste products from Domy could be said to set a high standard for the whitening toothpaste. With S.PH and HAP ingredients, it is especially making use of the essence of natural cavings, suitable for whitening the teeth. Removing tobacco stains, tea stains, coffee stains has now been a piece of cake. The food-grade baking soda ingredients also make the toothpaste both safe and helpful to reduce dental plaque.

If you have your own unique idea, Domy’s customized toothpaste service can also meet your needs. The professional toothpaste OEM service team in Domy is committed to providing you with higher quality toothpaste.

Now you may get some clear ideas and methods to remove your tooth stains. The best tool is necessarily a good helper by the way. Thus, the toothpaste products for whitening from Domy are worth your try.


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