Customers are today living in a world that is increasingly busy. A world that has led to them being bombarded by all types of messages; messages from both digital and physical mediums. Many don’t have the patience, time, or energy to try and decipher these messages, making it harder for businesses to overcome communication challenges.

Maximizing on Communication Opportunities

It has, therefore, become important for companies to try and maximize on all the communication opportunities they get. And there is no better way to do this than through the use of printed envelopes. When properly employed, an envelope can be much more than an operating expense and an administrative necessity.

Creating a custom envelope for your company makes it possible for you to employ the unused real estate present on each envelope. With proper utilisation, it becomes even easier to raise the stature of your brand, improve mail production ROI, and increase the response rate of your mail.

From unique messages and content, design and colour, or unique shapes and sizes, the following are tips on how a custom envelope will help you create and sustain a brand.

Graphics Makes It Easier for Mail to Standout

Today’s competitive landscape requires each business to try and stand out. Remember that each individual only has an attention span of 8 seconds. This means that whenever sending any mail, you will only have a limited window of opportunity to capture the recipient’s interest or lose it for good.

While at it, note that people receive all types of mail on any given day. This calls for you to ensure that you have taken advantage of all available opportunities to stand out. Make sure that the mails’ presentation is as good as its inner contents. Apply custom dimensions and unique graphics to leave a lasting impression of your business.

Communicate with Colour

Another way to further distinguish your brand is through the use of coloured envelopes. Studies have established that recipients are more likely to remember a coloured envelope compared to a bland or generic mail piece. Just because the contents are formal does not mean that you can’t use colours that are rich and striking.

Improvements in today’s printing technologies combined with the enhanced response rates are a great indicator of why coloured mail tends to provide better ROIs when undertaking mailing campaigns. A study conducted in the United States showed that plain black and white envelopes gave smaller returns on the initial investment as compared to the full-colour envelopes.

Speak to Your Client Directly

Using a custom envelope also provides the business with the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers through the use of specific customer information, e.g., first names. For a mail recipient, using even a simple customized message to address them, e.g., (Kelvin, we have great discounts on offer just for you!) can make all the difference. Statistics obtained from infotrends indicate that close to 84% of all customers will feel inclined to open any mail that has been customized for them.

Personalization, colour, and the use of custom graphics all go a long way into boosting the effectiveness of a mailing envelope to serve as your business’ communication tool. However, any changes included in the company’s envelopes has to conform with the guidelines provided by the national postal service with regards to approved mail.

As a business, there is a need to do all you can to try and set your brand from that of your competitors. And having a good mail services partner will surely go a long way in helping you to use printed envelopes to build and boost your business brand.


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