In the area of molecular cloning, the vector is a DNA molecule used as a way to artificially bring foreign genetic material into the cell. Here it can be replicated and expressed. A vector that contains foreign DNA is termed “recombinant DNA”. The types of vectors include plasmids (the most commonly used), viral vectors, cosmids, and artificial chromosomes.

Specific and necessary to all vectors are an origin of replication, a multicloning site, and a selectable marker. Additional features in several vectors are an origin of replication, an antibiotic resistance, an epitope, reporter genes, a promoter, a targeting sequence, and protein purification tags.

Cloning vectors are used to generate a lot of copies of your gene. It may be the plasmid or DNA taken from a virus or a cell of a higher organism. Cloning vectors usually contain features associated with the insertion or removal of DNA fragments (multiple cloning sites, a lot of restriction sites, antibiotic-resistant genes, etc.). For constructing your specific vector and cloning it uses the design source.

What is VectorBuilder?

This is the exceptional online platform made by science enthusiasts to help biologists and researchers around the world! Since 2015, VectorBuilder has grown to become the largest vector cloning and virus packaging services marketplace. The platform has received numerous awards and high recognition. Its progressive capabilities of vector design, perfect optimized data management and ease of use have earned the trust of thousands of scientists worldwide.

What is VectorBuilder

The main target of VectorBuilder is to make the process of vector construction fast, comfortable and available for researchers in different countries.

Do you need to create your own unique exact vector? Or maybe genomic cloning is what you are looking for? Perhaps your goal is virus packaging? VectorBuilder provides excellent services thanks to the high-quality innovative solutions for every customer.

The website design tool helps to design the desired vector just in a few clicks for free. After that, you can purchase the cloning of the vector and related services such as virus packaging using the online ordering system. VectorBuilder’s web platform also stores all the vectors, orders, and technical inquiries in customers’ accounts. Specific identifiers and permanent URLs allow clients to use any vectors they designed in an easy way.


VectorBuilder provides other molecular biology services such as virus packaging, library construction, BAC modification (recombineering), mutagenesis, and many more.

VectorBuilder also has a Learning Center resource, where you can find additional educational materials about vectors, their components, and vector-related things. Using these materials, you can quickly compare different vector systems and analyze what components to choose for your vectors. Moreover, there are free bioinformatics tools for DNA sequence analysis, such as sequence alignment, shRNA target design, and gRNA off-target analysis.

Why is it a smart idea to outsource to VectorBuilder?

Because you should clearly realize that in case of outsourcing to the commercial entities, you can focus on the study your biological questions of interest.

Outsource to VectorBuilder today to avoid the tremendous waste of time and efforts!


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