Watch.. Vehicles fly in the streets of Florida as a result of the hurricane

Vehicles fly in the streets of Florida

Last Saturday, Palm Beach County, Florida experienced a severe storm that brought heavy rainfall and at least one hurricane, causing significant damage to vehicles on the roads and multiple residential buildings.

On Sunday, social media had videos of a hurricane called “EF-2” hitting the province. Media reports say that the winds from the hurricane reached speeds of at least 100 miles per hour, causing terrifying moments.

The hurricane caused cars to overturn and stack on top of each other in the street. Trees also cracked and fell onto vehicles and homes, and debris scattered throughout the streets. There were video clips showing these incidents.

According to the media, there were no reports of serious injuries or deaths caused by the storm. However, some main roads were closed by the authorities the day before yesterday to repair damage and remove debris.

McLean County, Oklahoma was hit by a tornado on April 20th that caused severe damage to the town of Cooley and resulted in the deaths of two people.

Clips on the Twitter platform documented the extent of the damage and destruction spread by the hurricane, which seemed like a great whirlwind and storm that raised the sand and power lines around it, and trees were blown as a result.

Another video showed a huge ceiling that was removed from a house or facility, and pictures of fires.

And last March, aerial observations showed the extent of the devastation caused by a deadly hurricane that hit Mississippi, killing more than 23 people and severely damaging homes.

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