In the video, a handcuffed detainee kills an officer inside a police station

handcuffed detainee kills an officer

London police published a video clip documenting the moment a young man arrested shot a police captain, inside a security center in the south of the British capital, while he was giving him explanations about his legal status.

The video clip shows the arrested young man, who is handcuffed, under the command of two police officers inside the detention room , while the captain explains to him the reason for his arrest, which is illegal possession of bullets.

The two police officers seemed to ask the arrested person to sit down, then Captain Matt Ratana entered and introduced himself, explaining that he was responsible for the arrest only and not concerned with the investigation.

He addressed the detainee, saying: “You were arrested following suspicion of possession of bullets and ammunition to commit Class B felonies. Is there anything else?” Then the other two policemen answered: “No, there is nothing else.”

Then the captain said: “Exactly, there is no approval yet for your arrest, but I can grant permission to search you according to the law.”

However, the arrested young man, who is 23 years old, quickly moved and fired from a weapon he was hiding, killing the captain.

The first bullet went to the chest, the second to the leg, and the third hit the wall of the cell, which were 3 bullets fired, all within seconds, and the fourth hit the detainee, de Zoisa, in the neck.

The young man was controlled with difficulty, in the incident that took place in only 16 seconds and ended in a tragic accident, amid a campaign of sympathy for the policeman who died while performing his work.

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