Video: Blind girl gets America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer

Blind girl gets America Got Talent Golden Buzzer
America's Got Talent channel on YouTube / A blind girl from Indonesia gets a golden Buzzer

Blind Indonesian singer Putri Aryani dazzled the audience at America’s Got Talent with her professional performance, after  she sang with great feeling on stage, and managed to get the golden baz.

The referee, Simon Cowell, was most affected by Pottery’s performance, so after she finished her first song, he went to the stage asking her to perform a second song, then he expressed to his colleague Sofia Vergara how much he admired her unique talent.

For the second time in a row, Putri succeeded in dazzling the audience, who applauded her warmly for several minutes.

Simon said, “You are 17 years old, you have an exceptional talent and an exceptional voice, and you do really well.”

“I don’t know if that will make a difference or not,” Simon added, before squeezing the golden buzzer.

Putri’s attainment of the Golden Buzzer was a state of joy and emotion in the program. Simon went to Pottery to congratulate her, saying, “You are one of the best singing talents we’ve had on our show.”

For her part, “Putri Aryani” confirmed, after obtaining the golden baz, that she still did not believe that she was standing on stage, which prompted many of the audience present to be affected and cry.

Putri Ariyani (17 years old) had revealed at the beginning of the show her biggest challenge, which is to make people see her as a musician rather than a blind girl, adding that when she sings she feels like a big star.

And she continued, “My dream is to become the biggest diva in the world like Whitney Houston, and win a Grammy.”

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