Video of a bear breaking into a house in the United States and terrifying its residents

A surveillance camera documented an attack by a black bear on two dogs who were accompanied by their owner in a house in New Jersey, in the United States.

According to Joseph Damiani, he heard the two dogs barking outside, which made him go out to check the cause.

Damiani added that he was surprised when he saw a bear attacking the two dogs and trying to follow them into the house, according to the “UBI” news agency.

Damiani’s friend Shirley stated that she was able to close the door in the face of the bear with difficulty, after the two dogs succeeded in entering.

“The bear was pushing hard, and I struggled to shut the door,” Shirley explained.

Wildlife officials told Damiani and Shirley that the bear may have been attracted to the house by the food they were putting in for animals such as cats , dogs and birds.


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