A video of an American teenager saving a school bus whose driver lost consciousness while it was driving. His quick intuition saved the lives of dozens

A 13-year-old American student received many praises for his courage and good behavior, after he managed to stop a school bus carrying dozens of students after its driver lost consciousness, thereby saving the lives of dozens of his classmates from danger. 

The incident took place on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, in the northern state of Michigan, when a teenager named Dillon Reeves got up from his seat and took control of the steering wheel of the bus after noticing that the driver had passed out, according to Agence France-Presse reported Saturday, April 29, 2023 .

According to Robert Levernois, the official in charge of public schools in the area, the student was able to stop the car in the middle of the road by using the hand brake.

A video that went viral on social media shows a bus carrying around 70 students from Lewis I. Carter Middle School in Warren. The driver lost consciousness during the trip.

The video captures the moment when Reeves takes over the bus and yells for someone to contact emergency services, while the students can be heard screaming.

According to a Facebook post by Warren official Jonathan Lafferty, Dillon Reeves, a seventh-grade student at Warren, is being praised as a hero for preventing a potentially tragic accident when his school bus driver had a medical emergency. Reeves stopped the bus and took immediate action. Warren is very proud of him.


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