It wasn’t Biden this time! A video documenting the fall of a White House employee from the presidential plane ladder in Poland

A video  documenting the fall of a White House employee
US President Joe Biden stumbles down the flight stairs / Social Media

After US President Joe Biden‘s trip to Poland, Tuesday, February 21, 2023, a video clip documenting the moment a person fell from the ladder of the US presidential plane spread on social media, and some believed that he was President Biden, who had many missteps, but the victim this time was someone else.

The British newspaper ” Daily Mail ” said that a White House employee stumbled on the steep steps of the government plane during US President Joe Biden’s trip to Poland.

The employee, who has not been identified, was wearing a backpack that cushioned her fall. And the “Daily Mail” confirmed that this employee is part of the White House support staff who arrived in Warsaw on Tuesday.

The newspaper also indicated that the moment of the fall was filmed on Tuesday upon the arrival of the plane at Warsaw Airport, where it was broadcast by a Polish television station, which shows a person stumbling on the stairs as everyone leaves the presidential plane, and at some point, he slides down .

After the video clip sparked great controversy, the White House revealed the details of the incident that sparked speculation about US President Joe Biden falling from the stairs of Air Force One in Poland after a surprise visit to Ukraine.

The White House said that the one who appeared in the video broadcast by Polish media was not President Biden, but rather a White House employee who stumbled heavily on the runways of a government plane during President Joe Biden’s trip to Poland. 

It should be noted that President Biden has a difficult history with his falls from government planes. In late 2021, he fell 3 times when he tried to board Air Force One before a trip to Atlanta.

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