A video not suitable for weak hearts.. A shark devours Russian tourist in Egypt

In a tragic accident, a shark pounced on a Russian tourist in the Red Sea, southern Egypt, and devoured him, which led to his death instantly.

In the details, a report was received by the Health Directorate in Hurghada in the Red Sea Governorate, stating that a 24-year-old Russian tourist was attacked by a shark during a trip in Hurghada, while two others were injured in the accident.

I cut his body in half

It turned out, that the shark attacked the tourist group and devoured the Russian tourist and split his body in two. Half of the body was exhumed, while the authorities are still searching for the other half.

A senior official in the Red Sea governorate went to the accident site to assess the situation and coordinate efforts to deal with the accident.

For its part, the authorities in the governorate raised the state of alert, making intensive efforts to try to search for the killer fish, analyze the causes of the accident, and take the necessary measures to enhance safety and security in the marine waters in the governorate.

Attack a year ago

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian authorities closed a year ago an area of ​​the country’s coast overlooking the Red Sea, following a shark attack that killed an Austrian tourist who was swimming near a resort in Hurghada.

According to an Egyptian health official, the 68-year-old woman who was attacked by a shark and had lost one leg and one arm, died soon after being taken to a private hospital in Hurghada.

He also added that the tourist was barely alive when she was hospitalized, and that the medical staff’s attempts to revive her failed.

While the authorities decided to close the area for 3 days and ban all “marine activities”, including diving, snorkeling and surfing. Fishing boats have been banned from entering the waters off Hurghada.

Shark attacks are relatively rare in this coastal area overlooking the Red Sea.


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