Video .. Spider-Man has become a reality thanks to this Japanese company

Spider Man has become a reality thanks to this Japanese company

The Japanese company Jizai Arms has designed a system of spider-like robotic limbs consisting of 6 arms that can be controlled by the user who wears them.

The Japanese company developed these robotic arms to change the way humans interact with robots and artificial intelligence. They can be attached, separated or replaced entirely.

According to the company’s website, Jeezy’s digital bodies have recently gained importance in the research on wearable robots.

According to him, Jeezy has a robotic limb system on his arms. The system has a wearable base with 6 limbs and detachable robotic arms, which the wearer can control. Its purpose is to facilitate social interaction among wearers and investigate potential interactions between digital cyborgs.

The term “cyborg” refers to an entity composed of both organic and electronic parts. The first recorded cyborg, named Neil Harbison, was created in Britain in 2014.

To help Neil distinguish colors, an antenna was implanted in his head and connected to a computer and earphones. The camera lens transmitted images to his brain, which were then translated into 360 sound waves and played back through the headphones. This was done because Neil suffered from color blindness.

Natural and comfortable

The primary goal of Jeezy Arms is to ensure that humans can interact with robots and artificial intelligence in a way that feels natural and comfortable as if these artificial components are extensions of the human body, paving the way for developing a future in which humans and machines can work together seamlessly and effortlessly.

Djezzy Arms’ robotic prostheses are extremely flexible, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks, from carrying items in warehouses to hospital operating rooms.

The arms are easily controlled by the user, allowing them to operate the limbs with their own movements and creating the feeling of a natural extension of their body.

The company utilizes artificial intelligence to operate robotic arms attached to the user’s back, similar to how Spider-Man’s suit functions.

The company advocates human and artificial intelligence integration and interaction freely in the future, not replacing or surpassing the other.

According to the company, their unique feature is their emphasis on making the installation and connectivity process easy. To achieve this, all their products come with detachable limbs which allow users to connect up to six extra robotic arms.

This unit offers flexibility and the ability to interact with other digital cyborgs. Using wireless communication and synchronized movements, users can collaborate smoothly to form a network of interconnected digital cyborgs. This network is capable of completing complex tasks together.

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