A video shows a violent attack committed by singer Diddy against his girlfriend

Yesterday, Friday, the American television network CNN broadcast a set of videos taken by surveillance cameras belonging to a Los Angeles hotel in March 2016, showing an episode of violence carried out by rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs against his life partner at the time, singer Cassie Ventura.

The 54-year-old international hip-hop star and New York billionaire, who also calls himself “Puff Daddy” and “P. Diddy,” has been accused of rape, sexual exploitation, and physical and psychological violence since 2023.

The singer is being pursued in particular based on a civil complaint filed by “Cassie” in New York in November, where she accused her former life partner of rape in 2018 and “violent” and “deviant” behavior over a decade. The case was settled “amicably” under a confidential agreement.

Ventura’s legal action, which was later halted, refers to a physical attack characterized by significant violence, the extent of which was demonstrated by surveillance camera images dated March 5, 2016, revealed by CNN.

According to a compilation of video footage from various angles in the lobby and elevator doors of the now-defunct InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles, a woman identified as Ventura by CNN is seen walking through the lobby. She is wearing a coat and jeans and is carrying both a handbag and a travel bag.

A few seconds later, a man – Combs, according to the channel – appears in the corridor and runs after her, with only a towel around his waist and socks.

When Combs arrived in front of the elevator, he found Ventura, who had her back turned to him, and he grabbed her forcefully by the neck, threw her to the ground with extreme violence, and gave her a strong kick while she was on the ground.

According to the footage. Diddy was holding his towel around his waist with one hand, picking up Cassie’s bags with the other hand and kicking them again.

We then witness him forcefully seize his partner by the hood or collar of her coat, dragging her down the corridor for several meters before releasing her.

We then see Ventura slowly get up, gather her things, and pick up the service phone near the elevator.

In another clip from another camera that was filming a mirror in the hotel entrance, we see Sean Combs sitting on a chair, in the same outfit, violently throwing glass vases at Cassie Ventura, who was not visible in the footage.

This “disgusting video only confirms Combs’ predatory behavior,” Ventura’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, said in a statement praising his client’s “courage.”

The rapper has denied all the incidents against him since the civil complaint in November, and no criminal charges have been brought against him.


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