Puerto Rico: Including players and fans… A violent brawl in a basketball match

A violent brawl in a basketball match

In an unexpected situation, a second-division basketball match in Puerto Rico, USA, ended in a brawl involving the players and fans of both teams.

While the players of the “Salinas Dolphins” and “Adjuntas Suns” club were heading to shake hands after the match, Javier Torres, one of the players of the second club, slapped his opponent from the other team.

After the slap, a quarrel broke out between the players of the two teams and the audience, who also participated in the fight, according to the British Daily Mail.

got out of control

Although some players tried to calm the atmosphere, the quarrel got out of control, especially after the crowd stormed the field.

In addition, the sports federation responsible for the game opened an investigation into the incident, and studied the possibility of imposing penalties on those responsible for the bloody quarrel.