The battle with an illness, of any kind, can be pretty hard if you aren’t equipped with the right weapons. So, today, I will be offering you a very powerful weapon that will help you fight your battle.

As you can see from the title, the weapon I will be talking about today, targets one specific battlefront ‑ Sexual problems related to men. Also, you already know its name ‑ Virectin.

Introduction to the topic

Let’s face it. People are selling fog, literally fog nowadays at the market. Quite frankly, the market (of any kind, not just medication) has never scared me this much. When it comes to male enhancement drugs, there are millions of products that supposedly work.

They offer you their ingredient lists, but avoid telling you about all of their ingredients. They offer you proof that their product doesn’t have side-effects, but avoid showing you the proof itself. After all is said and done, people buy those kind of products based on the manufacturer’s words. That’s the reality of today’s market!

Health is not something that you should be experimenting with, especially not with issues that we are talking about today. Virectin is a game-changer, and I will do my best to prove it to you.

Virectin is a male enhancement drug. What does it target? A very important problem that’s unfortunately, very common in our society is erectile dysfunction. Besides from ED (short for erectile dysfunction), Virectin also targets premature ejaculation and libido.

To understand how Virectin works, let’s get into the roots of our two previously mentioned problems.

What Are Men Most Scared of In Bed?

You have read it right! There isn’t a single man out there that hasn’t pictured this scenario in his head, or that hasn’t had the thought “What if this happens to me?” run through his brain. Yes, that’s how scary it is to us.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a male’s penis to achieve erection that’s suitable for sexual intercourse. As we can see from this thorough medical research, about 44% of men that are between 60-69 years of age, are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

If those numbers don’t scare you, I will lay another fact onto the table – Erectile dysfunction can also target younger men.

Premature ejaculation

Another problem that targets the male population quite often, just not as often as ED, is premature ejaculation. You can guess from the name – Premature ejaculation is a male sex problem that doesn’t allow them to have a normal sexual intercourse due to early ejaculations.

The mentioned early ejaculations are either before the sex has even started, or shortly after (about 1 minute after penetration).

According to this medical research, it occurs in 3% to 39% of the general male population.

When it comes to WHY these two problems occur, medicine has its own answer, however, doctors cannot determine the exact cause of the problem in their patients always.

You see, the problem may come from the patient’s psyche. In previously mentioned researches you may find the link between mental health and male sexual problems. Another big factor is poor blood flow. Poor blood flow is actually one of the most common causes to these problems. Injuries to the genital area are also a factor.

The Answer to These Problems

Virectin Male Enhancement Drug

Of course, people should turn to their doctors for help. However, even doctor very often prescribe a cure that isn’t that natural ‑ medical drugs. Well, luckily for you, Virectin is both!

What people who are desperate for a solution also do, is buy everything that guarantees efficiency. You see, those kind of people don’t search for proof, and that’s their biggest mistake. That mistake can cost you your health.

So, now that we are familiar with the basics, let’s talk about this weapon of ours ‑ Virectin.

Best Male Enhancement Drug ‑ Virectin ( What is Virectin?)

It is of great importance that you understand what Virectin stands for and what Virectin is.

You see, Virectin is a revolutionary product that is made for men who are experiencing problems in bed ‑ or in other words, sexual performance issues. Although I have already mentioned the most common and notorious problems, I have to mention the full list of them that Virectin targets:

  • Erectile Dysfunction ‑ Maintaining an erection
  • Decreased sexual desire ‑ low libido
  • Low energy levels
  • Low confidence in bed
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low testosterone levels

So yes, Virectin is a product that has one strong goal ahead of itself ‑ To solve all of those problems.

Virectin is made in Genotopia Labs. The manufacturers (Genotopia Labs) offer their customers many options for purchasing Virectin. You can either purchase one bottle from their site, or buy multiple bottles and enjoy a discount. What has also crossed my eye is that all of the customers get bonus gifts, surprises and free shipping (if they spent more than the price they have mentioned on their site). Of course, the package is delivered discretely.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Virectin

  1. How many capsules can be found in a bottle of Virectin?

– There are 90 capsules in each and every bottle of Virectin.

  1. Should I take it before sex?

– You don’t have to take Virectin right before sex. That would just kill the mood. You can take Virectin in any time of the day! There is no time period that you need to follow and go by. If you take it on a regular basis, you will be always prepared for sex.

  1. How long does it take for me to experience positive changes?

– Virectin starts to work after the first few weeks. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to work the same way for everyone. The good side of this is that the manufacturer guarantees that it will work. You just have to be patient.

  1. What will happen if I stop taking Virectin?

– People are also asking if they should stop taking it. If there is no need for it anymore, then stop. No side-effects will occur if you stop taking it. With that being said, you can stop with the consumption anytime, and of course, you can also resume with it.

  1. Is efficiency guaranteed?

– Unlike other similar products, Virectin’s manufacturers actually offer you proof. As you can see here, they claim that their product will work 100% guaranteed. Also they offer you the “money back” option, just in case.

  1. Can I take other medications and also take Virectin?

– When it comes to this, you should consult yourself with your doctor.

NOTE: It is also important that you talk to your doctor even before you take Virectin. Maybe you are allergic to certain ingredients or you can’t take it in combination with a medicine you are currently on.

  1. Can I take Virectin and drink alcohol later?

– The manufacturer’s don’t recommend doing this, however, men who did drink alcohol afterwards, got the same result.

  1. What can be found in Virectin?

– Virectin is consisted out of natural ingredients only. This product doesn’t contain any chemically generated compounds, fillers or additives. The ingredients are carefully blended together by the formula that Virectin’s scientists have come up with. You can check Virectin’s ingredients down below.

What are Virectin’s Ingredients?

This part of the article is also very important. Knowing what’s in this product is vital if you want to understand how it all works.

Virectin has 16 key ingredients that work together like a charm. Every single one of those 16 ingredients is natural and well known in the world of medicine. Let’s check each and every one of them.


Niacin is a crucial ingredient of Virectin. It helps men who want to get their sexual performance to another level by helping the body synthesizing several sex related hormones that are in command over libido.

As we can see in this medical research, niacin is one of the most potent lipid therapies.


Selenium is a trace mineral with many functions that are of great importance. In this medical research, it is stated that selenium’s range of functions goes from antioxidant to anti-inflammatory. Selenium also improves sperm levels in men. Besides from all of these important functions, selenium also increases testosterone levels. All of us know the importance of a male sex hormone, right?


In ancient medicine, tibulus terrestis is a well known herb. Even then, according to this research, tibulus terrestis has been used for its diuretic, tonic, aphrodisiac functions. In India it was used as an aphrodisiac, and in Greece it was used to treat erectile dysfunctions. Nowadays, tibulus terrestis is mainly used by professional athletes as it boosts testosterone levels.


Wild oats, or should I say avena sativa, are an everyday supplement that many people use. Bodybuilders use oats in their everyday life for necessary protein and carbohydrate intake.

In this research , it is shown that avena sativa has  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, wound healing functions.

Virectin uses it in order to boost your sexual desire.


L arginine hcl is another potent ingredient in the Virectin formula. This ingredient can also be found in foods such as spinach, salmon, chocolate. So, L arginine hcl is an amino acid which represents one of the key building blocks of proteins in our bodies.

More information about this ingredient can be found in this medical research, but all in all, L arginine hcl is a safe, effective sexual boosting supplement for men.

  • ZINC

From what the scientists have found out, and medicine has proved, zinc has a connection with testosterone, which means it can affect it. If this mineral isn’t absorbed as much as it needs to, it can affect your sperm count and testosterone levels.

On the other hand, zinc in Virectin will make sure that your zinc intake is enough for you to have a normal sperm count and a boost of testosterone.

Just judging from the length of this medical research and what it has to say, we can all come to a conclusion that zinc is a very important mineral for our bodies.


Tonkgat ali is a tree based extract that has left many researchers intrigued. Although there has been many different research results related to this extract, all of them can agree on the fact that tonkgat ali can have its effect on a man’s sexuality. This medical research shows us that tonkgat ali enhances muscle strength, which means that it is also affecting testosterone.

Other results claim that tonkgat ali can boost testosterone levels up to a stunning 93 percent!


Mucuna pruriens originates from India. It is derived from shrub. Mucuna pruriens increases testosterone levels in male bodies and also boosts sexual desire.

Some studies also suggest that mucuna pruriens can improve sexual satisfaction as well. You can find out more about it in this research.


Fenugreek seed is a very common spice found in curry dishes. Not so many people know this, but fenugreek seed can also affect sexual functions in men. Scientists aren’t quite sure yet how it exactly does that, but they have found a link between fenugreek seed and libido, as fenugreek seed increases it.

You can find out more about it in this thorough medical research.


Ginkgo is derived from a unique tree. It is very common and popular in the world today, but it started its path from China. It reduces tension, boosts energy levels, improves brain function and improves blood flow, which is very important for erectile dysfunction.

More about ginkgo biloba leaf can be found in this medical research.


Herba epidemium’s other name will tell you everything you need to know about it ‑ horny goat weed. Herba epidemium boosts testosterone levels, and of course, libido.

Find out more about herba epimedium by clicking on this medical research.


The berries that come from a saw palmetto plant make a perfect balance between hormones in your body. It is a natural aphrodisiac. Some studies also suggest that saw palmetto can be used for enlarged prostate problems.

You can check one of those studies right here.


Maca root powder is very popular in Bolivia and Peru. What we know from medical studies, is that maca root powder increases libido and overall sexual functions.


Ashwagandha root was tested on animals in 2001, and animals that were given ashwagandha root have increased their sex hormones. Also, it is believed that ashwagandha root improves sexual performance in general.


Damiana leaf is a very powerful libido booster. It is originally found by the Mayans, and now, it is popular all around the globe.


Cnidium monnieri targets erectile dysfunction as well as libido. It is a traditional Chinese medicine.

Now you know a little bit of every single ingredient that is contained in Virectin. As you can see, all of the ingredients are 100% natural. All of these ingredients are also commonly used in medicine. Virectin’s formula has made sure that they work perfectly together.

So, now that you know that Virectin is a 100% natural product, we can move on.

What do Virectin Reviews Have to Say?

The Virectin reviews that I have found about Virectin are mostly positive. As a matter of fact, you can find many stories, written by Virectin’s consumers, under the tab “Success stories” on Virectin’s site. Virectin’s official site offers you additional information related to this topic.

Virectin reviews can be found over here.

How Does Virectin Actually Work?

Now that I have given you many little pieces of a huge puzzle, it is time to put them all together and see the bigger picture. As we know, Virectin targets many different aspects of a man’s sex life.

Let’s see what exactly:

  • Increases blood flow to the penis
  • Boosts testosterone levels and ensures that sex hormones are at peak
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Increases stamina
  • Increases the durability of a man in bed
  • Increases sexual energy

As you can see, Virectin has lots of things to offer.

Pros and Cons of Virectin

Just like with any other product on the market, or anywhere to be honest, Virectin also has its own pros and cons.

Virectin’s pros list:

  • Consisted out of natural ingredients only
  • Improves sexual functions in general (I have already mentioned them earlier)
  • It delivers both short term and long term effects
  • Doesn’t include Yohimbe
  • It offers a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Its online ordering is secure and discrete
  • Buyers have gifts on most of their purchases

Virectin’s cons list:

  • Virectin can only be found on the official website. It cannot be ordered in retail stores.

What Is The Recommended Dosage of Virectin?

From the information I have gathered from the official website, Virectin’s scientists suggest taking three pills per day. You should be taking them on an empty stomach.

The bottle currently stands at $44.95, and if you order more bottles you will get a discount.

Where You Can Find Virectin

You can find Virectin on the official website. There are certain spinoffs of the original product, but no mistake will be made if you order it from there.

Virectin’s official site can be found HERE.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before I end this article, there are a few key things that you should keep in mind. Results vary from person to person. It’s just like when you are taking other pills prescribed from your doctor, someone else reacts better to them so he “absorbs” the benefits better. Others don’t.

If you don’t see the results after a week or a little bit more, don’t feel discouraged. Virectin might work a little bit later for you. What is important is that you stay consistent with it and keep your patience with you.

After a while results will pop up.

Also, another heads up: Don’t forget to talk to your doctor before taking it. Although Virectin doesn’t have side-effects, unwanted reactions may happen if you are allergic to certain ingredients or if you are taking other pills that don’t work well together with Virectin.

The Final Verdict

Well, that would be literally everything you need to know about Virectin. I know that buying these kind of products is difficult and I know that people have their own doubts with them. And doubt is good!

Like I’ve said, there are many frauds out there who are just interested in money and not efficiency and health. That’s why I have tried to provide necessary information about Virectin, so that you get familiar and so that you know every single thing that this product can do. I hope that I have made it in my mission.

Now, in case you were wondering why I mentioned the fact that this product doesn’t contain Yohimbe in the PROS part of the article, I will explain. Yohimbe can be found in many other similar products. You see, Yohimbe doesn’t go well with other medications, meaning it can cause many unwanted reactions to many different products because of its nature. This product is Yohimbe free!

If you haven’t remembered anything from this article, remember this: Virectin is a product that enhances sexual performances in men. It has 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no side-effects. Everything is explained in detail in this article.

So, before I put an end to this article I would like to give you one final advice. I have given you a powerful weapon for your battlefront ‑ Virectin. You have this article, read it, study it, and decide. Follow every guideline and good luck!

I wish you all the best in your Virectin journey. Just know that your problem isn’t unsolvable! Doesn’t matter how terrifying the words “sexual disorders” may seem ‑ the problem is definitely solvable. A possible solution can be found in Virectin!