Is someone from the shopping mall’s Wi-Fi snooping at your network? Or is a hacker infecting your internet? Fret not!

A virtual private network can help you!

No matter where you are, be it office, a coffee shop, shopping mall or road, having a VPN is one of the best ways to protect data on the internet.

Using VPN encryption technologies like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security), a VPN server creates a secure tunnel between your server and the device to safeguard your data from breaching. VPN detection tools can also alert you when suspicious activity is detected or if someone is trying to access your system.

Furthermore, with a VPN, the IP address of your device gets hidden and thus makes it impossible for anyone to track you! All in all, a Virtual Private Network is an excellent way to secure your internet connection and keep your data safe from prying eyes. So

What is a VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network to help you browse privately and securely on the internet!

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere, be it coffee shops, restaurants, airports or hotels making it easy for the people to connect. But do you know that this free Wi-Fi is just a radio signal and can be intercepted easily by hackers?

Nevertheless, a VPN service will secure your data and maintain secure network traffic from tampering. It creates a secure layer between your Wi-Fi connected devices, websites or other things to communicate through channels privately.

How Effective Is A VPN Service?

A virtual private network will secure your computer’s internet connection to make sure that all the data you are exchanging is secured and encrypted from the evil eyes. Also, it’s one of the best ways to protect data from the untrusted networks. It also takes ISP out from the browsing loop to protect information from the endless logs of connection. To understand if your Vpn is doing a good work to keep you anonymous, you should always do a Leak Test, as offered (for free) by Anonymster.

A VPN also lets travelers access their home internet services and resources when they are in other countries. For instance, best VPN for China will help travelers coming to China access their credit or debit cards easily. Also, it will help shop, ship and access social media with ease. You can even use a VPN to use VOIP services like Skype to have a video call at home. All you need is to turn back to the server in your home, install video calling app and call!

Furthermore, VPN services are also used to protect BitTorrent and other P2P traffic as they use many ISPs while data-sharing. You can even use this secured tool to watch streaming content.

How A VPN Work?

VPN is a secure way to bolster your privacy on the web and to access the resources on the network through which your device is not physically connected.

VPN ServiceWant to know how it works?

Suppose you are in your office and want to access any website. To do this, your system will generate a request by sending data packets. These packets will travel through the routers and switches through the LAN and reach the destination. However, if you are in a café, these data packets will travel from various computers and connected LANs. There will be series of servers that will translate the DNS to the IP address making an insecure connection between you and the destination.

However, a VPN works by encrypting those data packets right from the system from where the request is sent. The data as well as other information regarding the IP address is converted into codes and are then sent to the VPN server from your end to the source destination. The software will then decrypt the information offering a secure data at the end.

Consumer VPN or LAN:

LAN or local area network is a private network that is usually established inside physical locations like home, campus or corporate building. However, many companies or business don’t use it for one area only. They have departments, branches and divisions which are connected through private LAN’s over the public internet. Since the process is unsafe, business uses VPN server between offices to encrypt data before traversing to the open ports.

What is a Good VPN?

A best VPN features connectivity protocols, server location and are perfect for the locations that restrict companies to put their apps and other services.

Furthermore, a consumer VPN is for businesses like hotels, cafes that let people connect to the web applications like banks, shopping sites and other social networks.

VPNs are quite powerful, but you have to be careful as many unsecured tools can detect VPN usage.