Imagine this: you received a brand-new iPhone a few weeks ago and you are constantly delaying the purchase of round tempered glass screen protector. One day, you accidentally drop your precious iPhone on the ground. Unfortunately, the screen is broken. At that moment, you feel like you should have tried your best to grasp your iPhone in your hand.

Even though this situation always happens, many people still forget to install a round tempered glass for their iPhone. The reason may be suspicion about the quality of the screen protector or the price of a high-quality protector. However, most iPhone screen protectors are now very effective at preventing shocks and scratches, which can to some extent make the life cycle of your iPhone last longer and help you save money on replacing the screen.

Nowadays, many screen protector manufacturers catch up with this rapidly changing era and create all kinds of screen protectors. For example, with 15 years of mobile accessories production experience, VMAX devotes to manufacturing high-quality tempered glass.  It delivers maximum scratch protection while preserving crystal clear image resolution. What’s more, an increasing number of people are conscious of the importance of protecting the screen of their iPhones, and we list several reasons as follows.


The upgrading of mobile phones is so fast in this infinite market. Many people are willing to resell their iPhones to get the latest product. But to make sure to sell it at a high price, it is essential that your iPhone is in good condition. Obviously, the first thing a potential buyer looks at is the screen of your iPhone. No protection to your iPhone screen all the time brings scratches and small flaws on your phone surface, which stops you from bidding up the price.


As a matter of fact, leaving a scratch on an iPhone screen occurs easily as we use and move our cellphones countless times a day. The screen is exposed to micro scratches, whether in your bag or your pocket. In this case, round tempered glass screen protectors are the ideal protection for iPhone screens. Take Apple iPhone X 2.5D Tempered Glass Screen Protector from VMAX as an example. With 0.33mm of thickness, this screen protector can provide max protection to fight the scratches and ease the impact force. Another advantage is that it is coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic transparent layer so that this glass can prevent the sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and keep your phone screen the whole pristine day. On top of that, screen protectors can also be set with privacy features to keep your data and information from wandering eyes. The most crucial thing is that, this perfect cutting round tempered glass is suitable for your iPhone X and it will never hurt your finger on account of its round edge.



Scratches or impacts on your iPhone screen may disturb the use of your device. For one thing, the stripes can distort the image on your screen. For another, if a part of our screen is damaged, some functions may not be available since the screen is used to touch and read. And in this case, the replacement of your screen is essential to be able to enjoy 100% of the capabilities of your device. Today, a round tempered glass can ensure a smooth touch and optimal tactile capabilities for your iPhone.

iPhone screen


Having an iPhone screen replaced by Apple or in an official repair shop can cost you between $ 100 and $ 200. However, it would be easier and cheaper to install glass of protection to avoid any inconvenience.

Using a round tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone should be a reflex when you buy your cellphone. Except for preserving your screen from breakage or scratches, it retains the value of your iPhone and saves you money on the screen replacement. If you are looking for mobile accessories to protect the screen of your iPhone, do not hesitate to discover VMAX.

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