Warning: Millions of people will lose their jobs in this field after 5 years

Millions of people will lose their jobs in this field after 5 years

An expert in the field of artificial intelligence warned that millions of workers in the field of fast food will lose their jobs in a period ranging between 5 to 10 years, after they are replaced by robots.

The development of artificial intelligence will allow computer-powered kiosks and robots to replace people who work in fast-food jobs, according to Rob Carpenter, founder of the artificial intelligence company Valeant.

“This is definitely a watershed moment for AI,” Carpenter told Fox News. “We’ll see it jump from data processing, manufacturing, and background operations, to consumer-oriented, front-end, and human jobs.”

The expert pointed out that the “Holly” artificial intelligence engine can sell better than humans.

And Holly, part of Valeant, “can outpace human employees as it has already taken over a million orders, and now works with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr,” Carpenter said.

“Within 5 to 10 years, I think the majority of jobs within restaurants can be automated , and that will be from a variety of different
technology providers,” he added.

Five years.. and these jobs will disappear

Already happened

• It is reported that many fast food restaurants, such as “McDonald’s”, “Taco Bell” and “Domino’s Pizza”, are already using artificial intelligence.
• Earlier this May, the Wendy’s restaurant chain began a partnership with Google to “revolutionize” with artificial intelligence. A pilot program would use AI in Google Cloud to talk to customers and take their orders.
• Carpenter also noted that food ordering is already being automated with self-service computer kiosks, simplifying the mobile payment process, and even allowing robots to prepare meals.
• A report by “Goldman Sachs” issued on March 26 predicted that the development of artificial intelligence could eliminate or reduce 300 million human jobs, and create “significant disruption” across labor markets worldwide.

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