Watch Biden’s wife kiss  his vice-president Kamala Harris husband on the mouth

Biden's wife kiss  his vice-president

Yesterday at the Capitol Hill in Washington, a video captured a tender moment between Jill Biden, wife of President Joe Biden and Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris. The clip showed Mrs. Biden giving her counterpart an intimate kiss on the mouth before Mr. Biden began his State Of The Union speech- sending social media into frenzy within hours!

The kiss, which was of an innocent kind, aroused the astonishment and ridicule of activists on social media, most of whom asked about the reason for the kiss on an official and important occasion, and it was not in a social place, as the first lady appeared while clasping her hand with his hand as well.

Jill Biden was wearing a purple dress when she entered the hall to sit in the place designated for her, to listen, like others, to her husband, the president, as he delivered the “Union Speech” to members of Congress, today, Wednesday, in which he touched on the economic situation in the United States and a number of foreign issues similar to the situation. in Ukraine.