Watch gunmen kidnap 4 Americans who came to buy medicine in Mexico

Watch gunmen kidnap 4 Americans

The US FBI is offering a generous $50,000 reward for information regarding the Sunday abduction of four Americans in Matamoros – located only 20 kilometres from Texas. In a video released after their disappearance, one individual can be seen being forced into the back of a white van; afterwards, all traces of them vanished. Any leads are encouraged as this case remains unsolved.

It appears that the kidnappers are wearing brown jackets, similar to bulletproof vests, with at least one of them carrying a weapon. Astonishingly, no one intervened as they carried out their scheme in broad daylight – it was all caught on camera by one of the criminals who recorded for less than two minutes according to local media and police reports. No private cars dared pass through this region due its sheer audacity!

On Friday, the four faced an unexpected assault by armed gunmen after they crossed into Mexico via minibus. When surrendering to the attackers, they were put in another car and taken away to a city situated within Tamaulipas at its border – sadly known for its most perilous roads that are frequently subjected to kidnapping and extortion from organized crime gangs involved with drug trafficking.

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador has expressed his remorse over the kidnapping incident, and clarified that the Americans had only crossed into Mexico for medical purposes. His government is doing its best to resolve the situation – he voiced, “The information we have is that they went there to purchase medicine; however in a fit of violence between groups, they were apprehended. I strongly believe this problem can be resolved.”

According to a US official closely linked with the investigation, their abduction was an unfortunate mistake; investigators postulate that a gang assumed they were drug traffickers from Haiti.