Ways to Boost Your Morning Cup of Coffee


There is this dark, magical substance that has the power to turn a slow day into a robust one within minutes of the first sip. They call it coffee, we call it a burst of goodness with unlimited energy. Transform your morning with a cup of coffee before you rush out the door to meet endless opportunities and challenges throughout the day. Many people rush through the morning and fail to enjoy those first few hours before they walk out the door, but this drink can change that. 

Lovers of caffeine will swear that sometimes, that is the only reason they get out of bed. Coffee may have not had quite a good reputation especially with the health sector, but just like everything else, moderation is the keyword. So what are some of the ways to boost your morning cup of coffee, to ensure you just don’t have a colored drink in your cup? Here are some tips. 

Use the Best Quality Coffee Beans

This is where it all begins, the quality of the coffee bean you are using. A good quality bean won’t have you crashing and yawning in the afternoon, but will give you the burst of energy you need to last the entire day. It’s easy to stick to what you are used to, but coffee beans are vast and it is not a crime to try out the different brands until you find one with the best quality. A handy tip: Coffee beans harvested by hand and sun-dried make for the best premium quality. 

Quality beans go with a quality coffee maker. You also need to invest in a good Keurig coffee maker to ensure that the quality of your cup of coffee isn’t compromised. A good model comes with compatible pod cup sizes, brews a variety of coffee to suit your tastes, and of course programmable. 

Go Slow on the Sugar

You can still love on your coffee while checking on your health by going slow on the sugar or skipping it altogether. Coffee can be used with a variety of sweeteners although some people believe that coffee is great alone, it doesn’t require any additives. But as long as what’s in your cup is yours, you can always mix it up like you want it. You can use cinnamon, syrup, honey or stevia as an alternative to sugar if you love your coffee sweet. But you can still ditch them altogether, the biggest idea of having coffee is to have fun with it, it shouldn’t be a bitter boring drink. 

Spice it up!

The old adage still goes; coffee is better alone but the good news is that, it can be even better when you spice it all up. For the individuals who love the flavored side of life, spicing up your coffee can be a bonus. The wonder-spice of all time is cinnamon, known for stabilizing sugar and fighting infections. Another spice that you can add to our regular cup that has amazing health benefits is nutmeg. It not only gives your coffee a fantastic taste but it also works as a pain reliever. Turmeric, which have anti-inflammatory properties will also fill your regular cup with goodness and your body with health benefits.

Use Different Types of Milk

Some people prefer black coffee and that’s OK but if you love yours creamy, you could play around with the different variations of milk. It doesn’t have to be dairy and this is good news to people who are allergic to dairy products. You can still enjoy your coffee with milk without worrying about the side effects. Instead of dairy milk, use almond or coconut milk to create your powerful cup of flavored goodness. 

How About you Bulletproof it?

Well, this is a new concept that is slowly gaining popularity into the world of coffee lovers. Created by Dave Asprey, a cloud computing pioneer, he says this recipe kills cravings because it is filling and it also boosts focus. The dark, mysterious and hot cup of bulletproof coffee is said to be a perfect replacement for a power breakfast. It needs just three ingredients; coffee, butter and oil blended together to form a drink that looks like a latte and is delicious.

Boost your confidence with a cup of coffee, whether black or with cream. It is a frothy beverage that is loved across the world because of the belief that it boosts the energy levels and helps you stay alert all day long.


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