Starting a successful business is every budding entrepreneur’s sweet dream. Most often, they start with just one or two products that they believe will drive their business profits up to the skies. They often forget that a brand is more than one product. It is a representative of trust, reliance, and quality. There are several aspects of a business. While your business can have one leading product, it does not mean that product gets to define the company altogether.

Why do you need to think about digital tradeshow displays and business signage?

You need to take control of the marketing and sales from the very genesis of your business. A good marketing strategy involves everything – from logo color, design, font choices to the choice of marketing medium. Taking charge of your marketing strategy will give you the control you need to influence people’s perspectives on your brand and your products. It is essential to understand your market. Only then will you be able to give the potential customers what they want to buy, rather than what you want to sell.

To convey the right message about your business principles, and priorities, you need to take a few extra steps. Designing a state-of-the-art digital display is one of the steps that will bring you closer to success. While signage is more affordable than television advertising and print advertising, it is in no way less powerful than them. Physical signage in a digital world can be misfitting, that is why most small businesses and startups are now opting for trade show display rentals and digital signage options for their regular marketing needs.

How can you design the best business signage for your display?

Here are a few ways you can rock your tradeshow display rental or personal display signage unit –

Keep it clean: It is the fundamental principle of any digital signage design. Basically, for any display advertisement type, you need to ensure a fresh design. Clutter keeps people from seeing the target message. An expert graphic designer can help you create the layout of your display content. Adding too many visual elements or too many lines can shoo your audience away.

Keep it visible: The cost of renting a tradeshow sign may be pocket-friendly, but not placing it smartly for the target audience to see will not help you get any returns on your investment. Just like the old physical signage, the tradeshow display signs come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, all you need is a little planning to place the signage visibly for maximum impact. There are collapsible signs, pop-up kiosks and utterly digital tradeshow stall setups that can elevate the visibility of your business in any environment.

Select legible fonts: Some fonts look super cool when we see them on websites or storybooks. However, before you pick your favorite font for your trade show display, ensure that the individual letters are legible. People should not mistake “l” for “L” or “nn” for “m.” If you want to use multiple fonts, choose two that complement each other. Always stick to a maximum of two fonts only. Also, do not select all caps fonts. They are in no way more comfortable to read than the lower-case letters, but they do give the impression that you are yelling at your audience.

Colors: Specific colors have distinct impacts on the target audience. Making your background all dark and your fonts neon, might look cool in a school project, but that combination makes it extremely difficult for anyone to follow the message on display. Research shows that orange and green are colors that work well for food businesses. A combination of white, red and gold is ideal for jewelry businesses. Powder blue and baby pink work wonderfully for dessert parlors and baby shops. There is a color combination for every enterprise, and you need to search for it a little bit longer.

Using graphics: Did you know? Adding a border to your message can increase its readability by 25%. In case, your kiosk is next to a chaotic location; you will benefit from using a thick border that separates messages. Research shows that including full color, HD images in the display message often increases the readability of the signage. Since it is going to be one of your prime marketing efforts, there is no reason for you to omit your brand logos, brand images and artwork from the digital platform.

Designing a readable and noticeable tradeshow display or digital signage is not tricky at all. Choose the correct content, give it an attractive shape, place it in the right location and add a dash of suitable colors. Instructions as simple as these can help you expand your market and hold onto your current one as well.